Wedding Anniversary

In the United States, one can receive a greeting from the President for any wedding anniversary on or after the 50th. It is a great achievement for a married couple to remain married for several years. As a society we choose to honor certain years of anniversaries.

Wedding Anniversary

The wedding anniversary is a good moment for the couple to remember the love they have for one another. This is also nice time to show the love and blessing of couples' children, friends or relatives for couples.

Many couples and families celebrate this special time by different and romantic wedding anniversary ideas, like plan wedding anniversary parties, a romantic getaway for two is the best idea for a wedding anniversary.

Each anniversary symbolizes with their corresponding meanings. From gift items to gemstones to flowers and colors, each represents how the couple surpasses the journey of one love to one another. So know clear the wedding anniversary by year will help you choose appropriate wedding anniversary gifts for your husband, wife, your parents, friends or grandparents.

Wedding Anniversary by Year

A wedding anniversary is an excellent opportunity to show your significant other how important he or she is to you. This event should be celebrated every year, as it gives married couples a chance to honor the commitment that changed both of their lives in a dramatic way.

Here is a list of wedding anniversaries will help you know the meanings of your Annual wedding anniversary.

List of Wedding Anniversaries

First Year Wedding Anniversary
Second Year Wedding Anniversary
Third Year Wedding Anniversary
Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary
Fruit and flowers
Fifth Year Wedding Anniversary
Sixth Year Wedding Anniversary
Seventh Year Wedding Anniversary
Seventh Year Wedding Anniversary
Twelfth Year Wedding Anniversary
Silk and fine linen
Fifteenth Year Wedding Anniversary
Twentieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Twenty-fifth Year Wedding Anniversary
Thirtieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Fortieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Fiftieth Year Wedding Anniversary
Sixtieth Year Wedding Anniversary


Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Children and other family members of a married couple often plan parties to celebrate wedding anniversary. There are many different and romantic wedding anniversary celebrations ideas for this day like first wedding anniversary-themed game, second wedding anniversary-themed picnic, 15th wedding anniversary-themed BBQ and more.

When these parties or activities are planned it is nice to provide wedding anniversary favors and gifts for the guests who have graciously celebrated the special occasion. There are many options for wedding anniversary favors. A good idea is to place special emphasis on the anniversary being celebrated.

But sometimes the simple ideas for wedding anniversary celebrations will mean more. Going on a romantic to a significant place in your relationship, such as the place your proposed, or the first restaurant you dinned together. That's perfect!

The best wedding anniversary celebration idea is that leave enough space and time for your parents, keep them enjoy your delicious dinner, flower, thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts. Prepare tickets of romantic movies, or holding a warming wedding anniversary parties.

And your thoughtful wedding anniversary gifts will also play important role of this special holiday.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Buying appropriate wedding anniversary gifts for your husband, wife, parents, grandparents, other relatives and friends can be a very daunting task, but you can choose right wedding anniversary gifts according to wedding anniversary by year.

For example, the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is known as the silver wedding anniversary. Many gifts given to the couple will be sterling silver. They will receive frames, bowls, candlestick holders and other beautiful quality sterling silver items. For the fiftieth wedding anniversary gold is the item to be given.

With each of these anniversaries there are wedding anniversary favors that will be appropriate. Flowers, crystal, jewels and precious metals are all nice to use as themes in celebrating the appropriate wedding anniversaries.

But your personalized wedding anniversary will be perfect choice. Personalization is heartwarming and touches people's lives. It makes the gifts last forever. There are many kinds of traditional engraved wedding anniversary gifts available this holiday, the most popular being the engraved crystal items like the wedding anniversary plaques.

Engraved crystal wedding anniversary plaques are becoming the trend for their clear perfection and sparkling reflection. A number of online trophy stores can offer good service of customize your own wedding anniversary plaques according to the taste and interest of your husband, wife, parents and others, like Diy Awards.

Diy Awards can offers you many kinds choice of design the crystal plaque, you also can choose their plaque sample online, you will be interested in the crystal love-themed anniversary gifts at
Crystal Heart Anniversary Gift

Brilliantly cut and hand polished to perfection, the crystal heart radiates with charm along the beveled edges. A stunning love gift for that special one.



15th Anniversary Gift A couple's 15th wedding anniversary is the third of the five year milestone anniversaries. Spending a decade and a half together is definitely a cause for celebration, whether you choose to celebrate alone as a couple or with family and friends.

The open face of the sunflower conveys warmth and happiness of 15 years. It symbolizes loyalty and longevity. It is an ongoing favorite for love and support.


25th Anniversary Gift Customize a crystal 25th wedding anniversary plaque for you and your spouse will be good way to celebrate 25 years of wedding anniversary.

With its rectangular front and elegantly curved back, the curved crystal plaque offers ample engraving space with endless design opportunities.



50th Anniversary Gift The golden wedding anniversary is a great achievement for the anniversary couple. A 50-year marriage holds a treasure trove of memories. Five decades worth of love, laughter and dedication deserves to be honored in a timeless fashion.

Customize this 50th wedding anniversary plaque features with gold-themed flower and love.



Other Appreciation & Recognition Ideas