Pastor and His Wife Anniversary Gift

Award Wording Details

Words of Encouragement for Pastor:

To Our Beloved Pastor

You have served the Lord with gladness - tirelessly,
faithfully and with great compassion for His flock.
In wisdom you have instructed us, and in gentleness
you have led us. Your counsel has made us wise, and your 
tender compassion have encouraged and comforted us.

You have been to us the express representation
of the Father's Love.

You have shared our deepest joys and stood with us in our
darkest hours. You have held us close to your heart, 
strengthening our hands, cheering our souls
and assuring our hearts.

Words of Encouragement for Pastor's Wife:

To Our Pastor's Wife

You shine forth in our midst, a radiant reflection of God’s love,
continually holding forth the Word of Truth. With discernment
and devotion you have listened to the Father’s voice
and have called us, again and again, to His heart.

You have taught us what it means to commit whole-heartedly,
to serve zealously, and to love sacrificially.

In purity and passion you have set our hearts ablaze 
with love for our Savior, a hunger for His Word, and
a consuming desire for a life of holy consecration.

Pastor Anniv Congrat Message: In Sincere and Humble Gratitude for 25 Years of Faithfully, Compassionately and Lovingly Shepherding the Flock at Christ Church United Methodist - Anniversary Date