When a company or division sets a safety record, or defines a new standard of compliance, the milestone should be marked with a remembrance that means something. Corporate recognition needs to be both professional and stylish. The Perpetual Sailboat Plaque more than hits the mark. The understated crystal sail, which appears to billow with breeze, is anchored to a sleek crystal base, as pure as the water you can almost imagine it sails across. The blue crystal inlay and black crystal detail piece are the perfect ending touches.

Our deep etch engraving is included in the price, so you can personalize this piece to recognize an entire division of your company or single out an individual or small team for hitting a safety milestone.

One Size Only - 12"
Item ID: PP16120
Price $269.99
Dimension 12" H x 10" W x 3" D
Approx. Wt 7.8 lbs
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