A Nurse’s Prayer Gift Plaque

A Nurse’s Prayer Gift Plaque

In Honor of:

A Very Special Nurse

A Nurse's Prayer: Give to my heart, Oh Lord...
Compassion and Understanding.
Give to my hands, skill and tenderness.
Give to my lips words to comfort.
Give to me, Lord...
Strength for this selfless service.
And enable me to give hope
to those I am called to serve.
Show your appreciation and support to that special nurse of faith with this beautiful nurse prayers cross, crowned with praying hands and engraved with inspiring Nurse’s prayers.
Physician’s Prayer Gift Plaque

Physician’s Prayer Gift Plaque

Physician Graduation Congratulation Message: Congratulations!
A Newly Graduate Physician
Doctorate of Medicine
A Physician's Prayer:

Lord, Thou Great Physician,
I kneel before thee.
Since every good and perfect gift
must come from Thee, I pray:

Give skill to my hand,
clear vision to my mind, 
kindness and sympathy to my heart.
Give me singleness of purpose,
strength to lift at least a part of the
burden of my suffering fellow men, 
and a true realization
of the rare privilege that is mine.
Take from my heart
all guile and worldliness,
that with the simple faith of a child
I may rely on Thee. Amen.

Sample Physician Appreciation Bible Verse: COLOSSIANS 3:17
Angel Nurse Appreciation Gift

Angel Nurse Appreciation Gift

Sample Nurse Appreciation Quote:

Not All angels do have wings, 
some wear nurse uniforms. 


Sample Nurse Appreciation Message: Thank you for being
my personal angel
during these difficult times.
Nurse Appreciation Cross Plaque

Nurse Appreciation Cross Plaque

We Hereby Honor: A Very Special Registered Nurse
Happy Nurses Week Appreciation Message:

You’re a truly
nurse and 
an amazing person.
You are greatly

Happy Nurses Week

If you’re in the market for a nurse appreciation cross plaque, it's hard to imagine a more suitable memento than the Nurse's Prayer Cross Plaque. Ideal for inscription highlighting a nurse's walk with faith, this piece has it all. The delicate detail work, from the praying hands that crown, to the definitive “Amen,” at the base, enhances the ethereal beauty of this gorgeous piece. This angel nurse appreciation gift is sure to be treasured for years to come, and won't fade over time.

Wonderfully versatile, this 100 percent optical crystal plaque would also work perfectly as a physician’s prayer gift plaque. The cut of the plaque makes it a prime piece for engraving. And because our inscription service is included in the price, you can be creative with the sentiment you choose to leave behind.

All I can say is," The quality of the…
Media, PA
July 4, 2023
Perfectly made.

All I can say is," The quality of the piece our coworkers chose was beautiful, well put together, such and awesome gift. The quickness of delivery, I had to look back at my email to make sure when it was coming. Loved it. My boss was well pleased and grateful."
Saint Louis, MO
January 30, 2019
Bought this Nurse's Cross for our Daughter's graduation from Nursing School.
Super impressed that the quality was even BETTER than described. Our Daughter was thrilled, and that says it all!
Mukwonago, WI
January 15, 2019
The nurses plaque came quickly and was exactly the way it was represented in the art
Monahans , TX
May 15, 2018
What beautiful work! I was extremely satisfied with my order. I bought this and had it engraved especially for my best friend. She absolutely loved it!
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