The flame has always been a symbol or persistence and passion, of tenacity and desire. The crystal flame award conveys a fiery determination to do things a little bit better. So the Dancing Flame Award exists in the same space; as a way to honor those with indomitable spirit; those who always push a little harder than the rest to get things done. The Dancing Flame Award is cut with such artistry and precision that it actually looks like a living flame, changing as the wind blows and light fades.

This crystal award plaque is such an obvious choice for corporate recognition; it would look dynamite in an office display case on in the conference room at headquarters. Deep etch engraving is included in the price, so you can customize the Dancing Flame Award, available in various sizes, for any honoree who is due.

I was able to review past orders from…
Lake Wales, FL
October 26, 2022
Nice award but the color might be off slightly.

I was able to review past orders from my predecessor, just change the names on the awards and order them. They shipped pretty quickly.
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Small - 6"
Item ID: CT22060
Price $139.99
Dimension 6" H x 4" W x 1-1/4" D
Approx. Wt 2 lbs
Medium - 7.5"
Item ID: CT22075
Price $169.99
Dimension 7-1/2" H x 5" W x 1-1/2" D
Approx. Wt 3.5 lbs
Large - 9"
Item ID: CT22090
Price $209.99
Dimension 9" H x 6" W x 1-3/4" D
Approx. Wt 5.7 lbs
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