Innovation Leadership Award Template (#053-1)

Award Name: Innovation Leadership Award
Leadership Award Message: We Hereby Honors

An Outstanding Manager

with the
Innovation Award for Leadership



Annual Literacy Leadership Award Wording (#053-2)

Award Title: The Annual Literacy Leadership Award
Recipient Name: An Honorable Congressman
Award Message: In recognition of Extraordinary Contributions 
to Improving Education and Literacy
in the United States

Nonprofit Leadership Award Wording Ideas (#053-3)

Award Name: Nonprofit Leadership Award
Award Recipient: An Extraordinary Leader
Leadership Award Template: In recognition and with appreciation for
your valuable contributions to fund-raising,
outreach, excellent volunteerism 
and donor development.

Your passion for helping others,
high integrity and innovative ideas
are absolutely contagious.
Award Quote and Message: For all this & more, we say Thank You!
With the achievement highlighted, this leadership award plaque is a great way to recognize and reward leaders who exemplify best practice in nonprofit management

The beautiful shape of this trophy, the mighty obelisk, is what sets it apart from the rest. The gradual taper of the crystal is dramatic and celebratory. On the Crystal Leadership Award trophy, crisscrossing lines are graceful and almost whimsical, and the beveled cut that bisects the trophy is an example of that little, extra detail that we choose to embrace, not ignore. Decide on a message to engrave; from a line of poetry to an employee appreciation quote. Your words will be reverse engraved on this piece, which has a beautiful effect.

Honoring leadership in the workplace is important and memorializing employee success with a piece as lovely and timeless as the Crystal Leadership Award Trophy just makes sense.

Suitable for: Executive award trophy; leadership award trophy; achievement award trophy

I am in love with this company
Bronx, NY
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November 22, 2017
My recipient is in love with this....the audience was in awe.;....

Thanks DIY.....am coming back...

I am in love with this company. They have the service concept HANDS DOWN....plenty companies could use their model. Their webpage app for self design and telephone service representative are on point.

The quality of the products are high end finished. Our recipients were in awe upon receiving ....I am definitely coming back

I will tell the world....
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