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What Is a Nurse Pinning Ceremony & Why Is It Important?

Graduating from nursing school is a phenomenal feat. A pinning ceremony is a time-honored tradition that, in addition to the graduation ceremony, pays well-deserved tribute to budding nurses' hard work and dedication.

What Is a Nurse Pinning Ceremony?

The pinning ceremony is a rite of passage for newly graduated nursing students and a way to recognize their many accomplishments. With family and friends in attendance, faculty members present each student with a special nursing pin. This tradition serves to welcome each student into the brotherhood and sisterhood of nursing.

The ceremony format varies from school to school. Before the ceremony, the student may select a significant person or persons in their life to dedicate the pin to. Those individuals will often accompany their graduate onstage. A faculty member will hand that significant person the pin, who will then place it on their graduate. This is an emotional part of the ceremony as nursing school graduates officially enter their careers.

Why Is Nurse Pinning Important?

Completing a nursing program requires dedication, perseverance and natural talent. A nurse pinning ceremony honors and celebrates the graduate's tenacity and deep passion for helping others. Not all nursing schools hold pinning ceremonies, yet this event is often more meaningful for students than their college commencement.

The ceremony dates back to the 1860s with Florence Nightingale. She would present a medal of excellence to her hardest-working nursing students upon graduation. Today's pinning ceremonies continue this tradition. At the end of the ceremony, newly graduated nurses recite the Nightingale Pledge, signaling their initiation into the nursing profession.

Three Ways to Celebrate the Nurse Pinning Ceremony

At last — your loved one is a nurse! They passed challenging exams, excelled in prerequisites like biology and chemistry, completed hospital clinicals and so much more. Savor the moment with these three celebration ideas.

1. Throw a Nurse Pinning Party

Invite your graduate's closest friends and their families over for a special occasion after the ceremony. Decorate your home or yard and get creative with snack and dessert ideas. You can even propose a toast where everyone shares their favorite memories from nursing school.

2. Hire a Professional Photographer

Capture every moment of the pinning ceremony with a professional photographer. Following the ceremony, set aside time to take plenty of photos with family members and your student's classmates. Find iconic places on campus to take pictures that show your school pride.

3. Give Your New Nurse a Personalized Crystal Plaque

Your loved one has chosen the selfless path of being a nurse. Show the new nurse in your life how much you care with a personalized gift for the pinning ceremony. A beautiful nurse pinning crystal plaque is the perfect gesture to honor and acknowledge how far they've come.

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