What is a Good Gift for a Pastor?

When it’s time to honor the person leading your flock, consider why gift-giving is such an important part of the equation. A pastor gives in every sense of the word. He gives his time, wisdom, expertise, prayers and leadership to the church. And that’s why choosing a good gift for a pastor is such an integral part of any celebration honoring the head of your church.

When To Give

Pastor Appreciation: For any occasion that warrants recognition of your pastor, consider a pastor appreciation gift—something meaningful and of the finest quality. A crystal plaque or monument that can be inscribed is a beautiful way to recognize a pastor who goes above or beyond.

Pastor Anniversary: To mark the years behind the pulpit, especially the milestone anniversaries, a pastor anniversary gift is a must. Consider a photo album or special framed print, and include a signed card from the entire congregation. It’s a lovely and personal way to celebrate any pastor anniversary.

Pastor Retirement: When the bittersweet occasion of pastor retirement draws near, make sure you have a pastor retirement gift on hand to help mark the occasion. A personalized pastor retirement gift means so much more than a gift card or basket. Make the special milestone one to remember forever with a gift that doesn’t fade over time; like gorgeous, engraved crystal.

Pastor Ordination: After years of education and study, countless prayers and much heart-searching, the day of ordination is truly exhilarating. You can get an ordination gift—a keepsake—that will please an honoree or you can get a treasure to mark to special moment; something you can make your own. Crystal is naturally reflective and luminous; a material that’s almost as profound as the occasion being honored.

Pastor Birthday: To joyfully mark each passing year, the pastor birthday cannot be understated. Plan a celebration, cook a festive meal and get the whole church involved. More exciting still, have a pastor birthday gift on-hand; something exciting and invigorating, like an excursion or a vacation. The pastor birthday shouldn’t be understated- and don’t forget the cake!

Music Minister Appreciation: For the person in church leadership who makes each worship service come to life, an appreciation gift isn’t a “should,” it’s a “must.” Consider a plaque or crystal monument that your music minister can proudly display in his or her office with pride. These beautiful options can even be personalized with deep-etch inscription.