Employee Recognition Awards

There are so many ways to honor employees, and employee recognition awards can be given to workers with such a vast array of responsibilities. If you feel overwhelmed by all the different categories to honor, consider breaking them down by recognition and tenure. This list can guide you as you consider how to say ‘job well done’ to different members of your team.

MVP/Best of the Best: It may sound obvious, but there’s always some incredibly high achiever on every staff roster that’s just in a category all his or her own. This honor should be reserved for a person crushing sales goals, winning industry awards or being recognized for innovation. A good example of an MVP/Best of the Best employee recognition award would be this shimmering monument of appreciation.

All-Star Award: You know that employee that just seems to be able to do everything, that staff member that’s incredibly versatile and positive? The All-Star Award was made for that employee. Consider this beautifully cut crystal star award for your office all-star!

Presidents Club: For that employee that has grown into a role and really established him or herself as a person to be counted on, the President’s Club is a small circle of high achievement. This stunning piece can be deep-etch engraved for an individual or added onto to recognize a growing group!

Chairman’s Award: The employee who best represents a corporation, whose work reinforces the stellar reputation of your company, should be recognized with the Chairman’s award. There are a lot of different options for honoring this particular category of excellence, but this crystal Chairman's Award Tower really seems to hit the mark.

Hall of Fame Award: For the employee who has put in both the time and the effort, the Hall of Fame Award recognizes continued excellence, and achievement over time; the marathon, not the sprint. This plaque honors longevity and skill.

Founder’s Award: This category of employee recognition is for the person who really embodies the spirit and mission of an organization; the type of employee respected by both the industry he or she works in and the community as a whole. This crystal piece seems just right.

CEO Special Award: The CEO Special Award is really the ultimate form of recognition. It should be reserved for an employee or manager who has demonstrated commitment, loyalty and hard-work as well as exceptional work product. This type of employee recognition deserves a true monument of thanks.