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Pastor Appreciation Plaque Wording Ideas

Customize a beautiful crystal plaque for your pastor with a strong message expressing your appreciation for everything they do for your church. At DIY Awards, we specialize in pastor appreciation. We have compiled a few of our favorite quotes or poems that we have seen on pastor appreciation plaques. Hopefully, these will inspire you and help you craft the perfect message to highlight your pastor's contributions and commitment.

Pastor Appreciation Poems

Writing a poem is a great way to honor and appreciate your pastor, priest, minister, reverend, etc. who serve and lead congregations.

  • I Said a Prayer For You Today

I said a prayer for you today and know God must have heard.
I felt the answer in my heart although He spoke no word.
I didn't ask for wealth or fame, I knew you wouldn't mind.
I asked Him to send treasurers of a far more lasting kind.
I asked that He'd be near you at the start of each new day.
To grant you health and blessings and friends to share your way.
I asked for happiness for you in all things great and small.
But it was for His loving care I prayed the most of all.

  • I Worship You, Pastor

With a glance of your eyes could plunder all the wealth of songs struck from poets' harps My pastor! But for their praises you have no ear Therefore I come to praise you You could humble at your feet the proudest heads in the world. But it is your loved ones, Unknown to fame, Whom you choose to worship, Therefore I worship you. The perfection of your arms would add glory to kingly splendor with their touch. But you use them to sweep away the dust, And to make clean our humble soul, Therefore I am filled with awe

Pastor Appreciation Quotes

Quotes are brief and profound that will highlight a gift plaque beautifully. The best way to say “Thank You Pastor” is through a personal and inspirational message or a motivational quote.

  • "When all the strings of my life will be tuned, my Master, then at every touch of thine will come out the music of love."
  • "Let me feel this world as thy love taking form, then my love will help it."
  • "Your sunshine smiles upon the winter days of my heart, never doubting of its spring flowers."
  • "When I stand before thee at the days end thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing."
  • "Thou hast led me through my crowed travels of the day to my evening’s loneliness. I wait for its meaning through the stillness of the night."
  • "The service of the pastor is selfless, the service of the priest is precious, the services of clergy is sweet."
  • "Pastor, in your spirit you have the music of the fountain of life."

Sample Wording on Plaque

If you are looking for a customized crystal pastor appreciation plaque, look no further. The message you choose for the plaque is always the most important part of the thank you gift. And unique wording layouts also can highlight the special tribute, here are a few sample appreciation messages and layouts that might encourage our priests.

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