Military Retirement, Farewell & Going Away Gift Ideas

Just the simple act of enlisting, making the choice to serve one’s country, is a moment worthy of celebration. Which is why it stands to reason that when men and women of the military are deployed, transferred or move toward retirement, those milestones must be treated with the utmost respect. It isn’t enough to mark the day, to put together a cursory celebration. Military going away gift ideas must be planned with care and built to last.

Change of Command

When a military family is moved from one station to another, it’s taxing. Not just for the service members, but also for spouses and children. Change of command going away gifts and celebrations help take the sting out of moving, and help families remember what they loved about that home base.


Leaving the security of a post or a base for the unknown of deployment takes courage and gumption. It’s never easy to deploy, even if that service member isn’t headed toward active combat. Make sure to acknowledge the sacrifice of your loved one with a military deployment gift chosen with care.


Perhaps the most momentous of all military occasions is the ceremony of retirement. After a long career where service and dedication to one’s country topped the list, it’s time to move toward the next chapter. Leisure and travel may lie ahead, but the heft and weight of the career just completed cannot be overshadowed.

Going Away Gift Ideas

To mark the occasion of deployment, change of command or retirement, consider a gift that will warm the soul. It can be as elaborate or simple as you choose, just remember to lead with your heart.

New City Kit: For that family awaiting change of command, nothing is more exciting than a new city kit. Find out what restaurants and movie theaters are nearby and invest in some gift cards. Sign kids up for art classes or free play at the local trampoline park. Treat mom and dad to a massage at a day spa or a cooking class. If your military family is headed for warm weather, throw in some swimsuits and beach toys—or hats and gloves for the mountain-bound.

eReader: For a service member about to deploy, an eReader loaded with books, magazine subscriptions, essays and poems is a perfect, portable deployment gift. Throw in some travel guides specific to the area of deployment or devotionals for men and woman of faith.

Crystal Retirement Gift: Try to imagine a material more suited to the grandeur of military retirement than crystal. It traps and reflects natural light, almost seeming to glow from within. Crystal Central’s thoughtfully crafted pieces can be deep-etch engraved at no additional cost, making these pieces perfectly customized treasures. This stunning Marine Corp Retirement Gift, for example, is sure to delight and honor any military retiree.