5 of the Best Ways to Recognize Your Top Sales Reps

Let’s face it, without a dynamite sales team, it’s really hard to be a next-level company. If people aren’t buying what you’re selling, it’s hard to convince investors, the board of directors and the court of public opinion to believe in your organization. But when your salespeople are doing well, it’s like everything clicks. Keeping that team motivated in a key ingredient to success. So here are 5 ways to recognize your top salespeople.

Benefits of Recognizing Your Sales Team Members

Are you new to managing a group of sales reps? You may not realize how important it can be for them to feel recognized. In fact, acknowledging their service can pay back your company in a variety of ways, including:

  • Your sales team will be more motivated to do a great job. If you want your sales representatives to go above and beyond, you have to incentivize them. In addition to monetary incentives, getting some other rewards and kudos will keep them focused on their goals.
  • You will attract other great sales talent. Did you know that salespeople, like all professionals, network with one another? They also brag about how great their employers are. If you want to give your sales team something wonderful to say about your business, be sure to recognize them on a frequent basis.
  • Your sales team will exhibit higher morale. Selling is a tough business filled with a lot of ups and downs depending on the market. That means you need to keep your sales reps positive quarter after quarter. Offering recognition goes a long way toward boosting flagging moods.
  • Your sales team will start to compete on a friendly level. When your sellers realize that you are serious about rewarding them for their achievements, they may begin to set up a little healthy competition. As long as they compete in good spirits, you can bet that your team is working toward high performance.

Excited at the thought of showing your sales reps how important they are to you and the rest of your organization? Take these recognition ideas to heart when looking for the best gifts for your salespeople.

1. Give Sellers a Corporatewide Shout-Out

Who doesn’t love a little praise? Whether it’s an announcement at an all-staff meeting, a posted leaderboard in a shared workspace or a big notice of recognition in a company newsletter, being singled out for high performance goes a long way. It’s a simple, age-old, time-tested approach to keeping top performers on their toes and motivating those just behind them to catch up.

Have an internal Intranet system or special app that allows employees to communicate privately? Be sure to become vocal about your awesome sales team members on it. Again, you can never say "thank you" too often, particularly when your sales professionals have done an outstanding job. Just make sure you always customize your emails or texts so they are one-of-a-kind.

2. Offer Sales Reps Time Off for Working Hard

If you are looking for an incentive and a way to recognize your top salespeople, how about a little comp time? The top sales spot at the end of the fiscal year could be worth five personal days, the next spot, four, and so on. It’s won’t cost your company much and who wouldn’t strive for a little extra vacation time? It’s a clear incentive for salespeople and a just reward for such high performance.

Of course, be sure to talk with your human resources personnel or your manager first. That way, you can make sure that any vacation days and paid time off aligns with your company policies. Once you get the go-ahead to offer this amazing sales rep incentive, celebrate it with your whole group and watch the magic happen.

3. Plan a Blow-Out Party to Recognize Your Sales Team

For those high-achieving salespeople on staff, why not plan a private party to honor the top sellers? A table for the top ten at a nice restaurant and all-expense-paid dinner, a company potluck where top salespeople are exempt from bringing a dish and welcomed with a gift, even a karaoke night or happy hour in honor of top salespeople are all fun ways to recognize high-achievement.

Word will get around that you are offering these types of high-end celebrations as recognition for great work. Let other sellers, such as newer salespeople, understand how they can reach the level where they get invited to these types of blow-out parties. That way, they understand what the parameters are for getting an invite the next time around.

4. Honor Your Salespeople With Personalized Trophies

Gifts are great, and most people appreciate presents in any form, but a gorgeous crystal memento, a plaque designed with the honoree in mind, is a cut above. DIY Awards has top sales awards made of 100 percent optical crystal that can actually be deep-etch engraved to your exact specifications, at no additional cost. These obvious display sales award trophies will stand the test of time and look beautiful in any office.

Looking for what to say on your unique sales rep plaques? An inspirational quote, message, poem or song lyric can be exactly the right fit. Take a little time and consider the personality of your recipient to choose the right text and imagery.

5. Send Your Sales Reps on a Getaway

When you are top of the heap, you’ve earned a little rest and relaxation, so offering your very top salesperson an all-expenses-paid trip is a wonderful way to recognize high achievement. A weekend in wine country, a beach vacation, a spa retreat or trip to the mountains; why not dangle the carrot of time away to coax high performance and inspire greatness?

Need a bit of help when it comes to bringing your sales recognition ideas to life? Get in touch with DIY Awards now for fast service and great advice!