Effective Employee Award Ideas – Award Categories, Criteria and Names

Effective Employee Award Ideas – Award Categories, Criteria and Names

Keeping office morale high, staffers motivated, and innovation flowing is one important reason to emphasize employee recognition. Coming up with effective employee award ideas may seem daunting, just brainstorming might make you feel overwhelmed. But figuring out a way to honor the members of your team who have been there the longest, strive the hardest and set goals at the highest level is vitally important to the health of your operation. Another reason employee awards are so central to success? They convey very real appreciation for people you rely upon.

But how do you decide exactly who to recognize, and how? What are the metrics to evaluate employee performance? We’ll get you started with a list of employee award categories, their relevant criteria and some creative award names:

Top Performer Award

Sales Achievement Award

Length of Service Award

Leadership Award

Customer Service Award

  • Customer Service Award Criteria: Sometimes a thankless job, customer service is perhaps the most important skill an employee can possess. The link between customer and company can make or break a corporation’s reputation. Take customer comment cards and survey rankings into consideration when deciding who to honor with a Customer Service award.
  • Customer Service Award Names:
  • Sample Customer Service Award Wording Message

Partnership Award

  • Partnership Award Criteria: Companies rely on so many links to build a safe and sturdy chain, and partnerships are a major part of that. Parent companies work with retailers, advertisers, suppliers and distributors. Partnership awards should be reflective of those hardworking partners who have shown strong commitment in building a strong relationship with the company.
  • Partnership Award Names:
  • Sample Partnership Award Wording Message

Safety Award

Hopefully, these guidelines will help you create effective employee awards within your workplace. Employee award ideas can make an organization more contemplative, and encourage staffers to do their very best work each day of their tenure.