DIY Friendship Day Gifts

When is Friendship Day? Friendship Day, the first Sunday in August.

The idea of a special day to honor your friends has been along for some time. In fact, this tradition of having a day set aside for friends started in the United States back in 1935.

Your friend is you needs answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside, for you come to with your hunger, and you seek him for peace. True friends are priceless and if lost once, it leads to melancholy and the outburst of varied emotions.

How to show our love and appreciation between you and your friends? Since exchange of gifts has become a popular tradition of Friendship Day, you would not face difficulty in finding the most appropriate presents for your friends. Your thoughtful Friendship Day gifts ideas will help your friends have wonderful time.

Friendship Day Gifts Ideas

The best Friendship Day gift should be filled with nice emotion of love, appreciation and care. There are many different types of Friendship Day gifts you can choose. You can give them jewelry, books, accessories or even bake a cake for them.

While presenting a Friendship Day gift to your partners, be sure to complement it with a nice bouquet of flowers, some candies and chocolates. You can also make the Friendship Day presents at home, if you want to add a personal touch to it.

It is definite that your gift would put a broad smile on your friend's face. Therefore, to make sure that your friend becomes happy and feels special, then go through our relation section, in which we have given bright ideas for choosing Friendship Day gifts.

DIY Friendship Day Greeting Cards

Personalization is heartwarming and touches people's lives. It makes the gifts last forever. So send your DIY personalized Friendship Day gifts will be perfect. Exchanging of greeting cards has become just like a tradition of Friendship Day, cards of all sizes with different emotions, are available in the gift galleries.

Hence you can make your own Friendship Day greeting cards like below:

1. Gather materials for the friendship card such as needles, thread, markers, pastel crayons, glitter, glue, scissors, construction paper and stickers.

2. Lay out your materials and keep everything within reach.

3. Start with a colored sheet of construction, folding it in half from top to bottom, and then flatten it with your hand to define the crease.

4. Use gel pens and crayons to create designs like butterflies and smiley faces, or use your imagination to come up with your own doodles.

5. Draw out a greeting on the front of your card using a bottle of white school glue; don't squeeze out too much.

6. Make the Friendship Day greeting say something like "Best friends forever" in cursive or "I am glad you're there for me." Your thoughtful Friendship Day wording, quotes, wishes will be the highlight of the DIY Friendship Day.

DIY Friendship Day Plaques

Plaque is convenient to engrave appreciation wording what you want, like your Friendship Day messages, wishes, quotes, poems and more. There are many different types and materials of traditional engravable gifts available this special day, the most popular being the crystal plaques.

There are many kinds of online trophy stores like the Diy Awards specialized in engraved crystal awards and crystal plaques for your everyday recognition need. It is one of our greatest privileges to work with you picking and designing the most appropriate award plaque to deserving individuals. You can customize your own personalized crystal plaques and awards to your specific recognition need with our extensive online samples.

DIY Friendship Day Plaques DIY Friendship Day Plaques DIY Friendship Day PlaquesDIY Friendship Day Plaques

Design your crystal Friendship Day plaque features with love-themed. Choose the types or shape according to your friends' interests and taste. Engraving your Friendship Day wording, every piece of crystal awards is hand crafted to its perfection polished to its perfection with exquisite bevels and facets.

Your Friendship Day plaques are known for their incredibly clarity, elegant styles and sophisticated, workmanship.