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Best Ways to Celebrate a New Pastor's Ordination

Ordination is a special time for new ministers and symbolizes God's call to ministry, the individual's commitment and the church's approval of the candidate for spiritual leadership. If you're wondering how to commemorate a new minister for this extraordinary milestone, you've come to the right place! 

Pastors dedicate much of their time to the churches they commit to and many get to know their families personally. If you know of a new pastor that's celebrating ordination, a warm sentiment of welcome expressed with a card, plaque, poem or Christ-themed gift can go a long way in showing your appreciation. 

Five Gift Ideas for New Ministers 

A personalized pastor ordination gift is one of the best ways to show your support during this major celebration. Demonstrating ordination etiquette and choosing an appropriate ordination gift is also essential. Five appropriate pastor ordination gifts include:

  1. Christ-themed gifts for new ministers: A handmade cross or other office decor are excellent examples of a Christ-themed gift for your new pastor.
  2. Ordination messages in a bottle: Write a note for your pastor sending him best wishes for his ordination and place it in a bottle! Try collecting ordination messages from your new minister's wife, kids or relatives to add a personal touch to this thoughtful gift. 
  3. Floating globes: Floating globes are a beautiful and ethereal way to celebrate your new pastor. Add engraved inspirational quotes for a personal touch. 
  4. Green plants: Plants are a beautiful way to inspire health and rejuvenation in your pastor's home or office. 
  5. Crystal pastor ordination plaque: Celebrate your revered pastor with a custom ordination plaque made from 100% optical crystal and featuring exquisite detailing. 

How to Celebrate a New Pastor's Ordination

What better way to celebrate a new pastor's ordination than with a party? To start, hold a meeting with fellow church members to decide on a gift idea for your new minister. Once selected, you can then organize a party. Although surprises can be fun and spontaneous, planned parties are the way to go if you want to ensure everyone, including your new pastor, can make it. Try:

  • Talking to family and friends of the pastor and letting them know you'd like to have a party celebrating his ordination. 
  • Enlisting the support of those interested in raising money for the event. You will need enough money to rent an event space and purchase food, decorations and a gift. Most churches will have a hall for rent at little to no cost.
  • Sending out invitations at least six weeks before the ordination celebration.
  • Decorating the event space the night before the ordination celebration and ask everyone invited to bring a dish to pass. if you want a cake at the party, make sure to order it at least a week ahead of time. 

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