Alumni Award Ideas

Alumni Award is recognized alumni who have made outstanding contributions to their professions or communities.

According to a alumni survey that alumni interest in participation and contributions can focus on the performance of the alumni relations office, performance of the alumni association, gauging interest in different types of interactions, willingness to help. Now the alumni award play important role to recognize alumnus' contributions.

Alumni Award of Merit

An honor bestows on alumni for their career success, the Alumni Award of Merit also speaks of loyalty, dedication and distinguished service. The sample alumni award design draws attention to Alumni's achievements.

USC Alumni Award

Alumni Award Ideas

This award is given annually to an undergraduate student not in their graduating year, who has displayed exemplary extra-curricular involvement at Western and in the community. The USC Alumni Award was established by generous contributions from the USC Alumni Chapter through Foundation Western.

Community Service Award

This award pays tribute to alumni who have made outstanding volunteer contributions to their community. They have enriched the lives of others through their generous gifts of time and talent and their involvement with civic, charitable and social causes.

Alumni Award Ideas - Crystal Alumni Award

Alumni Award Ideas

Alumni Award was made from kinds of material, wood, glass, bronze, plastic, acrylic etc. But crystal awards are ideal for use in the academy. Every alumni enjoys recognition for major accomplishments, and crystal trophies, plaques or awards are the perfect way to acknowledge a major achievement.

There are unlimited styles and shapes to choose from from so you'll able to find the appropriate gift that fits each recipient.