10 Years of Service Certificate Plaque Wording

Recipient Name: Employee Achieving 10 Years of Service
Award Quote: If you don’t go after what you want,  you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.  If you don’t step forward,  you’re always in the same place.

Corporate Long Service Award Quote

Award Title: Corporate Long Service Award (1991-2016)
Recipient Name: Company Celebrating 10 Years in Business
Award Quote: Commemorating Our Beginning Celebrating Our Success
Award Message: In gratitude and thanks for your dedication, partnership and support throughout the years!

30 years Work Anniversary Certificate plaque

Award Title: Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence
Recipient Name: A Long Time Colleague and Friend
Award Message: For Thirty Years of Dedicated Service (1986 - 2016)
Thank you for Your Dedication to Seton Hall University. Our Growth and Success is Directly attributed to the extraordinary efforts of our Committed Team.

Long Service Certificate of Recognition Plaque

Award Title: Long Service Certificate of Recognition
Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 10 Years of Service
Award Message: In Recognition of Your Years of Commitment and Dedication to Our Organization!
We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation
by presenting you with this plaque to commemorate a milestone in your career.
Long Service Award Quote: YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE.
Sample Long Service Award wording idea to recognize years of commitment and dedication and make this milestone work anniversary special and memorable

This solid, rectangular Years of Service Certificate Plaque is one of those plaques that is tough to find fault with. The clean lines appeal to men and women, veterans of the workplace and newer additions too. The Years of Service Certificate Plaque is conveniently divided into two sections. The left panel is optimal for marking an employee milestone years of service: heralding 10 years of service, for example. The opposite side is ideal for including personal information like the employee’s name, company name and logo. 

There’s also plenty of room for years of service quotes. The sample we’ve chosen: “If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place,” is both lyrical and inspiring. Because our high-quality engraving is included at no additional cost, you can express yourself when creative transparence without breaking the bank.

Suitable for:  Years of Service Certificate Plaque; 5 Years of Service Certificate Plaque; 10 years of Service Certificate Plaque; 15 Years of Service Certificate Plaque

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October 16, 2019
Excellent Quality. Very happy customer
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