5 Years of Service Award Plaque (#575-1)

Recipient Name:  A Dedicated Employee
Award Message:  In Grateful Appreciation For Five Years of  Loyal and Dedicated Service

5 Years of Service Award Ideas (#575-2)

Award Title:  5th Year Work Anniversary AWARD
Recipient Name: Employee Achieving 5 Years Service Milestone
Award Message: Celebrating Fifth Year Anniversary 
In sincere appreciation of dedicated service to
your customers and to our Company
Heartfelt work anniversary message and wishes to honor the employee who has dedicated 5 years of services to the company’s success

20 Years Employee Anniversary Awards (#575-3)

Award Title: 20 YEARS ANNIVERSARY AWARD (1996-2016)
Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 20 Years Work Anniversary

10 Years of Service award Plaque (#575-4)

Recipient Name: Employee Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence
Award Message: Thank you for all your contribution
and dedication to our success. 
We couldn’t have done it without you!

The smooth cylinder is a remarkable shape for a crystal remembrance. You can engrave congratulatory sentiments on the reflective, carved top, and save a little inscription for the body too. This piece, honoring Years of Service Awards recognition, is incredibly beautiful. Imagine celebrating a fifth work anniversary with this tremendous piece; a laurel wreath and years of service information carefully carved on top. The business or institution where tenure was served remembered on the sturdy plaque itself. Any employee would rush to display this Years of Service Award Plaque in a place of honor; it’s that lovely.

A foolproof way to say ‘thank you for years of service,’ the Cylinder Years of Service Award can be engraved with a quotation, line of poetry or personally crafted note. It’s a stunning way to emphasize loyalty and excellence at work.

Suitable for: 5 Years of Service Award Plaque; 10 Years of Service Awards; 15 Years of Service Awards; 20 years of Service Awards

Concise and Responsive!
Indiantown, FL
Verified Purchaser
January 7, 2020
Heavy, solid award with a small footprint. Great for the recipient to display on an individual desk or small area. The classic style will outlive trends and be displayed for many years.

Very quick response time to questions. Concise and understandable responses from customer service about colors and layout. Great graphic images and streamlined layout ideas across my multiple company logos on various styles and sizes of awards.
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Reply from DIY Awards
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Can’t wait to present these!
Verified Purchaser
November 27, 2019
Beautiful token of appreciation! Solid. Sturdy.

The whole process from creation to delivery was extremely fast! Exceeded my expectations, honestly! Our awards are so stunning and the quality superb! I can’t wait to present these lovely awards!

Thank you!
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Jasper, AL
Verified Purchaser
July 8, 2019
Great gift!

Great service, great product, huge surprise gift!!
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Beautiful product, excellent service!
New York, NY
Verified Purchaser
July 17, 2018
Turned out beautifully, and the design process was very convenient and supportive. I will make another purchase very soon!

This was my first purchase of this kind, and the item turned out beautifully. The design process was easy, and the shipping was fast. I will be making a second purchase from them in the next couple of weeks!
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Excellent product and service
Erie, PA
Verified Purchaser
July 3, 2018
This is one of the coolest awards I've ever seen. Not cheap but for the right recipient, a great product.

Excellent product and service. I probably had five changes to the proof and they were fast, understanding and professional during every one. The award came in perfect and I can't be more pleased. Thank you DIY Awards.
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