Top Awards Trophies for Your Sales Team

Are you brainstorming a productive way to reward the top performers on your sales team? When your company relies on sales to thrive, employees with the most follow-through are crucial to your success. Rewarding high sales means sales will continue to climb, so encourage your employees by offering top seller awards.

At DIY Awards, we offer a broad selection of personalized glass sales awards and crystal trophies for top sellers. Elegant and shining with achievement, these awards will inspire and motivate your team, while showing the best salespeople you value their hard work.

Order custom trophies online from DIY Awards for your top sales reps or a select few who have risen above and beyond your expectations. Our company offers expedited shipping options, allowing you to receive custom sales awards within a few days.

Featured Award Plaques

#047 Crystal Diamond Salesperson of the Year Award

Diamond Salesperson of the Year Award

$129.99 - $239.99
Reward your top sales person of the year with this Crystal Diamond Sales Award Trophy. With its distinct tower design, the Crystal Diamond Sales Award Trophy is perfect to recognize the sales person of the year for the outstanding sales achievements.
Sale #676 Crystal Pinnacle Sales Award Plaque

Crystal Pinnacle Sales Award Plaque

$159.99 - $209.99 $149.99 - $199.99
The stunning design of this Pinnacle Sales Award Plaque makes this award trophy one of a kind. This crystal trophy is designed to resemble a mountain peak. Present this Pinnacle Sales Award to honor a salesperson who has climbed the mountain of achievement.
#298 Top Sales of the Year Award Plaque

Top Sales of the Year Award Plaque

$144.99 - $219.99
Say congratulations to the Top Producer of the Year with this beautifully designed crystal sales award plaque! This crystal Trinity Sales Award Plaque is perfect to congratulate the top producer of any industry, from agricultural to real estate.

Flame Top Sales Award Plaque

$129.99 - $219.99
With its unique designs, this crystal flame shaped top sales award is a solid option to honor and recognize your top sales for outstanding performance. The design can be 100% customized with your own logo, sales award titles and recognition messages.
#732 Crystal #1 Sales Champion Award Plaque
Our Crystal Sales Champion Award Plaque, boldly cut to resemble the number 1, is an incredible creation. Perfect for rewarding that sales champion, the top producing agent, or a top sales team, this crystal Number One Sale Champion Award Plaque is both stunning and charming.
#022 Crystal Sales Contest Winners Award Plaque

Zenith Sales Excellence Award Plaque

$139.99 - $229.99
Much like an impressive mountain peak, the Crystal Sales Contest Winner Award Trophy is a great way to recognize Sales Competition Winners. The clean design of this Sales Award Trophy allow it to personalize to honor and recognize any Sales Contest Winner.
#049 Crystal Summit Sales Club Award Trophy

Crystal Summit Top Salesperson Award

$139.99 - $199.99
With its tapering summit design, the Crystal Summit Sales Club Award Trophy symbolizes outstanding sales achievement, an ideal award trophy choice to recognize the sales club members or sales champion that show their status as a top performer.
#255 Crystal Star President's Club Award plaque

Crystal Star President's Club Award

$189.99 - $299.99
President's Club Sales Award, also known as Chairman's Club Sales Award, or the Winner's Circle, is one of the most prestigious sales awards. This Crystal Star President's Club Sales Award Plaque is a true monument to success that match the honor itself.
#571 Top Sales Million Dollar Club Award Trophy

Million Dollar Sales Award Obelisk

$169.99 - $229.99
Awarding the top sales persons who make it to the Million Dollar Club with our Top Sales Million Dollar Club Award Tower. Striking and powerful, you can personalize this Top Sales Award Trophy with sales award wording to preserve a memorable moment.
#009 Crystal Sales Recognition Award plaque

Rectangle Sales Recognition Plaque

$139.99 - $239.99
The Crystal Rectangle Shape Sales Recognition Award Plaque offers you a large engraving area to highlight outstanding sales achievements. It is a popular top sales award plaque to reward top producers or top sales team of your organization.
#570 Crystal Sales Champion Award Plaque
Our Crystal Sales Champion Award Plaque, boldly cut to resemble the number 1, is an incredible creation. Perfect for rewarding that sales champion, the top grossing salesperson, this crystal Sale Champion Award Plaque is both stunning and charming.
Sale #160 Circle Appreciation Plaque

Circle Appreciation Award Plaque

$129.99 - $209.99 $119.99 - $199.99
Accented beautifully by the classic scroll design in the background, this appreciation award plaque offers you ample personalization space to express your appreciation to a special individual.

Why Choose DIY Awards for Custom Sales Plaques?

At DIY Awards, we offer you more than any other online awards site, from product quality to user experience and customer service. Each of our crystal awards for top salesman recognition is made of the highest-quality 100% optical crystal. Optical crystal is the gold standard in the crystal award industry. It will hold its shape and good looks for decades, while brilliantly reflecting and refracting light.

You will see a distinctive difference from the moment you compare an optical crystal sales achievement award with one made from a lesser material. Optical crystal exudes sophistication and style, and it feels weighty and substantial. No doubt, your top sales reps will treasure their trophies for a lifetime, displaying them proudly in the office.

Personalized Sales Awards Uniquely Created for Every Recipient

Have you ever experienced the thrill of receiving an honor, only to receive an award that looks exactly like everyone else’s? Work with DIY Awards, and that will never happen. We encourage you to explore our customization options, beginning with personalized engraving.

When you use our convenient online personalization tool to customize your font, message and logo, your designs are deeply laser-engraved in the glass and hand-painted on the surface if you choose colorfill at checkout. Should you have any questions during the process, our customer service team is happy to offer friendly suggestions and assistance.

Design Your Award Message for Maximum Meaning and Impact

Just as important as your optical crystal award is what you say on it. Beyond your top sales representative’s name, consider what else you would like to add to your plaque. Some ideas include:

  • A short poem that resonates with the recipient.
  • An inspirational quote from a business leader.
  • A sales motto or creed that your selling workforce lives by.
  • A heartfelt message that your salesperson will appreciate. 
  • An honorary title you are giving to this person, such as "rainmaker of the century" or "selling guru."
  • A line from a popular song the salesperson always listens to when not working hard.

Use your imagination and think about adding logos or images, too. Then, get into our intuitive software portal to easily maneuver your text. You get to decide precisely the way your sales rep’s engraved crystal award looks.

The Friendliest Customer Service in the Crystal Awards Business

Do you need a little assistance deciding what to say or which trophy-style makes sense for your needs? Give our customer service team a call at (800) 810-1216 or check out our FAQs. We love to help clients bring their visions to life. 

Be sure to consider colorfill, a hand-painting process that puts more emphasis on the engraved places on your sales trophy. Just a hint of color increases the plaque's visual interest, making it even more spectacular to look at up close and from afar.

Order Custom Sales Awards

Do you have an upcoming annual meeting or another special event perfect for honoring your top sellers? Look through our catalog of brilliant trophies in various shapes and sizes to find the ones that will speak volumes about the respect you have for your most talented selling experts.

Reward the best members on your team with customized crystal awards for top salespeople. Order online or contact DIY Awards today. Express shipping is available if you need your purchase in a few days.

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