Teacher Recognition Award Wording Ideas and Sample Layouts

Star Teaching Team Award

Teaching Team of the Year

Presented To
A Respectable Teacher

Rose Park Primary School

Urban Area

With Your School Logo

The crystal star tower offers an elegant platform recognizing Star Teaching Team of the Year. What a great way to reward dedication and excellence!
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Excellence in Teaching Award Messages

Excellence in Teaching Award

Presented to

A Great Teacher

In Recognition of Your Innovative Teaching
And Many Contributions Made to Student Learning!

You Made A difference!

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Teacher of the Year Appreciation Award

Thank You!

Honoring a Great Teacher

A great teacher is an inspiration

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!
We have learned so much because of you.
You encouraged us to be the best we could be
and we will always be thankful to you for
all the hard work and efforts you have put in
to make us who we are today.

Riverside High School Class of 1990

An excellent year-end recognition for that special teacher of the year
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Superintendent's Award Wording


Awarded To

Outstanding Faculty Members

Congratulations on your
excellent teaching performance
in the 2022-2023 academic year.

Thank you for being an inspirational
instructor, demonstrating all that you
can achieve from working in education
and the real difference you can make.

This meticulously handcrafted crystal accolade shines as a tribute to the enduring commitment and notable successes of teachers, instructors, and professors. It is a radiant emblem of our deep appreciation, honoring their exceptional contributions to the world of education.
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Teacher of the Year Globe Tower

Award Name: Global Achievement Award
Presented to: A Global Impactor
Sample Award Message: We are grateful for the professionalism
and leadership you bring to our organization 
and the significant contributions you have made to our success.
Thank you for a lifetime of exceptional work!
Reward the employee who has made a global impact with this unique global achievement award engraved with a big 'thank you' message for professionalism and exceptional work.
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Music Teacher of the Year Award Wording

Teacher of the Year


An Outstanding Teacher

In recognition of
your dedication to professional growth
and service to Trinity Christian School.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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Lifetime Education Award for Music Teacher Wording

Those Whose Lives You Have Touched Say

"Thank You!"

Honoring a Talented Musical Theatre Director

In Appreciation for Your Many Years of
Outstanding Service and Dedication to
Beaumont High School's Music & Drama Program!

"Teachers inspire dreams, shape lives,
and give us hope for the future."

Congratulations on Your Well-Deserved Retirement
And Best Wishes on Your Future Endeavors!

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Custom Crystal Plaques and Awards for Teachers

For those of you looking for teacher award recognition messages, here are a few sample recognition messages and layouts that might encourage those who teach. Feel free to use these in awards or gifts as you recognition or encourage your best teachers!

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