Teaching Excellence Award (#184-1)

Excellence in Teaching Award

Presented to

A Great Teacher

In Recognition of Your Innovative Teaching
And Many Contributions Made to Student Learning!

You Made A difference!


Star Teaching Award (#184-2)

Star Teaching Award

Presented to

A Special Lecturer

Thank you for being an inspirational lecturer,
demonstrating all that you can achieve
from  working in education and
the real difference you can make.

Congratulations on your
excellence teaching performance
in the 2012 State Bar Exam.


Interprofessional Education Teaching Award (#184-3)

Interprofessional Education Teaching Award

Presented to

A Great Teacher

In Recognition of Your
Interprofessional Teaching Contributions at
St. Joseph’s Health Centre


Outstanding Instructor Award (#184-4)


Presented to

an Outstanding Instructor

Thank you for
your philanthropic instruction of
the Parker Junior High School art students.
Your guidance as a teacher and role-model
will forever be cherished.

We have all had a great teacher. They instill in us a love of learning, and help us excel to build a successful future.

Teacher award plaques are dedicated to those amazing teachers and thank them for their efforts in and out of the classroom.

This crystal award plaque is the perfect symbol of high achievement. The eye-catching cut of the crystal and sturdy, sleek base make this award perfect for permanent display. The stars that sweep across the top give this plaque a touch of whimsy without diluting the strong message that excellence is a quality to be rewarded.

This award plaque sends a strong message and is a stand out gift choice for educators who make a difference and deserve special recognition.

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