Star Teaching Team Award

Star Teaching Team Award

Teaching Team of the Year

In recognition of
your outstanding professionalism,
high expectations and leadership.

You have made a significant impact
on the lives of young people
in your school community, to your professional
 community  and the broader community.

The star tower offers an elegant platform recognizing Star Teaching Team of the Year.
Best Teacher Award Plaque

Best Teacher Award Plaque


An Amazing Professor/Lecturer

In recognition for
your contribution to the excellence in education.

Thank you for being a truly
inspirational, dedicated, and caring professor!


Tribute For Retiring Professor

Tribute For Retiring Professor

A Tribute for a Retiring Professor

This plaque is a representation of
our deepest respect for our esteemed colleague.

Stacy enhanced her students’ intellectual 
understanding of Psychology
and Student Success for 38 years.

We honor Stacy
for her innumerable contributions to the college
as a professor, colleague and friend.

University Professor Retirement Gift

University Professor Retirement Gift


a Very Special Professor

To a wonderful 
professor, colleague, mentor, and author.

A thinker and listener
who passionately engaged with
his students and the surrounding world.

Congratulations On Your Retirement!

Most of us owe it to our teachers. But, it is also true that once we've passed through the portals of education, we tend to forget the dedication our teachers have shown by making winners out of us.

The Best Teacher Award is frequently presented at the end of the school year to show how much we appreciated the efforts of those exemplary teachers. This Crystal Star Tower will make an extraordinary gift for such occasion with a lasting impression. The weight of the crystal piece helps it stay perfectly balanced and makes it ideal for permanent display. The fine craftsmanship of this monument speaks volumes. The piece is artistic and unique with your personal inscriptions and logos.

Those amazing teachers who have made a difference deserve our recognition.

Nice and delivered on time
Saudi Arabia
Verified Purchaser
April 4, 2019
I like it
Looks elegant

Nice and delivered on time
Nice and delivered on time
April 4, 2019
I like it
Looks elegant

Nice and delivered on time
Verified Purchaser
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