Record Sales Revenue Award Plaque

Sales Excellence Award:

The excellence of sales force is the key to any high-performing sales organization. Excellence happens “when the outcome is something that goes way beyond the norm”. Nothing is more appropriate than an Sales Excellence Award to recognize and congratulate the sales person who deliver the record revenue by going above and beyond what is expected.

Record Sales Revenue Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Award Name: Sales Excellence Award
Recipient Name: Sales Person who Delivers Record Revenue
Sales Award Message:

We express our sincere appreciation

For Sales Excellence in 2018

65% Revenue Growth in Territory
#1 Volume Territory Nationally
Record Sales in Territory 

Thank You for Your Distinguished
Service and Outstanding 
Contributions to Our Success.



Achieving record sales revenue is such a remarkable milestone and outstanding accomplishment. Say congratulation to the sales person or sales team and make them proud with this beautifully designed Record Sales Revenue Award Plaque.

Suitable for: Record Sales Revenue Award Plaque; Top Sales Award Plaque; Largest Deal Sales Plaque

Small - 6"
Item ID: CC12060
Price $89.99
Dimension 6" H x 3-1/2" W x 2" D
Approx. Wt 1.7 lbs
Medium - 7.5"
Item ID: CC12075
Price $105.99
Dimension 7-1/2" H x 4" W x 2" D
Approx. Wt 2.4 lbs
Large - 9"
Item ID: CC12090
Price $119.99
Dimension 9" H x 5" W x 2" D
Approx. Wt 3.4 lbs
X-Large - 12"
Item ID: CC12120
Price $159.99
Dimension 12" H x 6-3/4" W x 2-3/4" D
Approx. Wt 6.2 lbs
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