Sales Champion Recognition Award Ideas

Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Award Name: Sales Champion Awards
Presented to: the Sales Champion
Award Message: Biggest Sales Ever!
Champions are key in ensuring the success of an organization. Sales Champion Award is an important sales recognition program to recognize the sales professionals who deliver the best results with enthusiasm and integrity.

Honor the sales champion who just won the sales competition with this unique Crystal Obelisk Sales Champion Award Trophy. Make a memory for that sales champion of your organization with this magnificent crystal sales champion award trophy.

Suitable for: Sales Champion Award Trophy; Sales Champion of the Year Award Plaque; Top Sales Trophy

Small - 8"
Item ID: TW28080
Price $129.99
Dimension 8" H x 3" W x 2" D
Approx. Wt 3 lbs
Medium - 10"
Item ID: TW28100
Price $149.99
Dimension 10" H x 3-3/4" W x 2-1/4" D
Approx. Wt 4.8 lbs
Large - 12"
Item ID: TW28120
Price $179.99
Dimension 12" H x 4-1/2" W x 2-1/2" D
Approx. Wt 7.2 lbs
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