Million Dollar Sales Club

Million Dollar Sales Club

Million Dollar Sales Club Award recognizes the group of sales persons who have achieved outstanding sales performance above certain benchmark. The Sales Award is frequently given by the real estate industry to reward the top real estate agents with highest volume and unit sales. A membership in Million Dollar Club demonstrates the commitment to the clients and the community by the top sales agent.

Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Award Name: 2 Million Dollar Club 2015
Recipient Name: Your Top Sales Agent
Award Message: Job Well Done!

It is a great honor to qualify for Multi-million dollar sales club. For the top real estate agents, make them proud by presenting this timeless Crystal Million Dollar Sales Plaque with stylish design and deep etch engraving.

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Small - 5"
Item ID: CT21050
Price $99.99
Dimension 5" H x 6" W x 2" D
Approx. Wt 2.4 lbs
Medium - 7"
Item ID: CT21070
Price $129.99
Dimension 7" H x 7-3/4" W x 2-1/2" D
Approx. Wt 4.6 lbs
Large - 9"
Item ID: CT21090
Price $159.99
Dimension 9" H x 9-1/2" W x 2-1/2" D
Approx. Wt 8.2 lbs
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