2013 Safety Champion Award (#007-1)

Award Name: Safety Champion Award
Award Recipient: A Safety Champion
Sample Safety Award Message: In Recognition of Achieving
Five Consecutive years of
"Perfect Safety Record"

Job Well Done!
Perfect safety records are highlighted on this beautifully made safety champion award to recognize the employee for their outstanding safety achievements and excellent safety records

Annual Safety Recognition Award (#007-2)

Award Name: Annual Industry Safety Award
Award Category: Incident Reduction
Presented to: Safety Program Manager
Safety Award Wording Template: In grateful appreciation and
distinguished recognition of
your hard work, devotion
and commitment to safety.

Safety Leadership Award (#007-3)

Award Name: Safety Leadership Award
Recipient Name: An Outstanding Leader in Safety
Sample Safety Award Wording Ideas: In Recognition of
Achieving Five Consecutive Years of

Safety incentives and recognition play a vital role in the successful implementation of strong and effective safety management efforts within an organization.

This classic Safety Recognition Plaque rewards corporate safety champions for their safety vision, commitment and ongoing involvement in reducing the number of injuries and maintaining a safe, incident-free workplace.

It is a terrific safety gift idea to help you recognize the safety award winners.

You can add safety award categories that entrants maybe allocated to: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards using the various size/crystal styles we offer.

Excellent quality and design!
Henderson, TN
Verified Purchaser
June 2, 2020
Great Award!

Excellent quality and design!
Excellent quality and design!
June 2, 2020
Great Award!

Excellent quality and design!
Verified Purchaser
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Small - 5"
Item ID: CC15050
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Dimension 5" H x 4-1/4" W x 2" D
Approx. Wt 2.1 lbs
Medium - 6.5"
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Approx. Wt 8.2 lbs
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