President's Excellence Award Plaque (#663-1)

Award Name: President's Award
Recipient Name: An Outstanding Employee
Award Message and Wording:

We are Proud to Acknowledge &
Present This Award to

President's Award Winner

for his dedication and
contribution to the company
throughout 2017

Award Category: 26th Annual Excellence Awards

President's Achievement Awards (#663-2)

Award Name: Presidential Award of Excellence
Recipient Name: A Valuable Employee
Award Message: In recognition of her invaluable
contributions and loyal
devotion to our company.
Award Quote: People Like Sara are why Southwest is what it is today.

President's Club Appreciation Award (#663-3)


Award Name: PRESIDENT'S CLUB 2016
Recipient Name: 2016 President's Clube Member
Award Message: Recognizing Excellence
Award Wording Idea: Awarded for consistently
demonstrating excellence

President's Club Award for Sales Excellence (#663-4)

Award Name:

2017 President's Club Award

Award Category:

Citation for
Sales Excellence

Recipient Name: Our Top Sales
President's Club Award Message:

For Outstanding Accomplishment
in Professional Services

Is commended by the Company
and Awarded Membership
in the President’s Club

Long a symbol of perseverance and passion, the flame is a universal way to express admiration for dedication. The Flame President’s Award captures just that, using naturally reflective, 100 percent optical crystal to make its message heard. The President’s achievement award is one of those honors that commands respect, and this plaque is worthy of that noble attention.

Make your President’s excellence award plaque your own with deep-etch engraving, which is included at no additional cost. Detail the base with a name or title of corporate honor and transfer a company logo on the expansive plaque with ease. Color fill is also an option. This glamorous piece would work beautifully as a President’s club award for sales excellence. A top honor like a President’s club appreciation award deserves a high quality memento of recognition, something fine and lustrous that will stand the test of time.

Jasper, MO
Verified Purchaser
December 14, 2019
It is a good economical award.
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Morrison, CO
Verified Purchaser
August 30, 2019
Excellent service. All my questions were answered. The award arrived in perfect condition.
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