Sample Pastor Installation Gift Ideas (#578-1)



Date of the Installation Service
Name and Location of the Church

To Our Beloved New Pastor

“And I will give you pastors 
according to mine heart, 
which shall feed you with 
knowledge and understanding.”
- Jeremiah 3:15 -

Preacher - Teacher - Evangelist - Prayer Leader

Thank you for helping to plant God’s seed


Pastor Installation Celebration Gift Ideas (#578-2)

Pastor Installation 

To the Honorable Reverend

We want to congratulate you 
on your elevation to
Senior Pastor of Evangelical 
Crusade of Fishers of Men.

May the Lord guide you 
like he did with Joshua to 
lead the children of Israel 
to the promise land.

Therefore Ministerial Colleague 
preach the word! 
2 Timothy 2:25



Congrats Gift Ideas for Pastoral Installation (#578-3)


Our New Minister


“For many are called, 
but few are chosen”

Matthew 22:14



Installation of Baptist Pastor Gift Ideas (#578-4)

Blessings on Your Installation

Our Newly Installed Pastor

“Many are called,
but few are chosen.”

Bible Verse - Matthew 22:14


It's not easy coming up with congratulatory gift ideas for pastoral installation. Traditional installation gifts like a bible with a handmade cover or a wooden plaque featuring the church seal are tired. People have seen them before. A gorgeous, personalized crystal keepsake, on the other hand, is a wonderful way to mark the very special moment of pastor installation service.

The sample below would work beautifully for those charged with culling installation of Baptist pastor gift ideas. The beautiful scripture in the sample only enhances the already unique design: "And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." You may also personalize this installation gift plaque with the name of the newly installed minister, the ceremony details and installation scriptures.

Sure to be the center of any pastor installation celebration, the Cathedral Pastor Installation Gift isn’t something you see every day. It's truly as special as the person it’s commemorating.

Suitable for: Welcome Gifts for Newly Installed Minister; Baptist Pastor Installation Gift; Pastor Installation Gift Plaque

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I think this product is Great! It exceeded my expectations. The award is beautiful, weighty and of great quality. The packaging is very good and I would not change that. I hope for the opportunity to use DIY awards again and I will recommend it to others.

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October 24, 2019
I think it was okay, but the printing of the date,church,location,and elca was so small
you had to hold it up to your face to read it.also the Bible quote..It still made a nice gift
for the occasion.
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