1st Anniversary Celebration Gift for Pastor

1st Anniversary Celebration

To Our Beloved Pastor

Thank you for your 
faithful  service to help 
God’s people. May you be
 greatly blessed  as you
 continue to answer the call.

“Therefore, if anyone is in
Christ, he is a new creation...”

With Gratitude
From Your Church Family


1st Pastoral Anniversary Gift Plaque

May God Continue to Bless Your Ministry!

To Our Beloved Pastor

First Anniversary Celebration

This comes with warmest
thanks for your loving service
to the congregation.

We thank you for your ministry,
your guidance and your care.
His greatest blessings for your life
is our most humble prayer.

You’re a Great Pastor


Pastor Anniversary messages and scriptures

To Our Beloved Priest
Upon Your 1st Pastoral Anniversary

“I thank Christ Jesus 
our Lord, who has
 given me strength, 
that he considered me 
trustworthy, appointing 
me to his service.”
1 Timothy 1:12

God is surely smiling on
you today as you celebrate
your first anniversary
as a Priest.


First Year in Ministry Gift Plaque

First Year in Ministry

To A Great Pastor
On Your First Pastoral Anniversary

People say one person
can’t make a difference
in the world... But we
know that isn’t true
because we’ve seen the
differences you make in the
lives of those around you.

Your faithful witness
brought me to the Lord,
giving me and many others
hope and encouragement.

Gift From Your Church Family

Searching for the elusive first year in ministry gift plaque can be a trying task. You’ll want to select something simple, but meaningful, which isn’t always easy to do. Our 1st Pastoral Anniversary Gift Plaque hits the mark, and the goes beyond it. Cut beautifully to resemble a cross, this 1st pastoral anniversary gift is naturally reflective and radiant with light. It’s also perfect for deep etch engraving which is included at no additional cost.

Consider this piece when looking for a place to preserve pastor anniversary messages and scriptures. Our sample words resonate nicely: “This comes with warmest thanks for your loving service to the congregation.” Bible verses, religious quotes and handwritten messages of appreciation would also adorn this pastor anniversary gift with appropriate flair.

Small - 8"
Item ID: CC31080
Price $129.99
Dimension 8" H x 4-3/4" W x 1-1/4" D
Approx. Wt 2.8 lbs
Medium - 9"
Item ID: CC31090
Price $149.99
Dimension 9" H x 5-1/2" W x 1-1/4" D
Approx. Wt 3.9 lbs
Large - 10"
Item ID: CC31100
Price $169.99
Dimension 10" H x 6" W x 1-1/2" D
Approx. Wt 5.5 lbs
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