Congrats On Your Ordination (#371-1)


To the Newly Ordained Minister

Dear Pastor

How beautifulĀ are the feetĀ of them that
preach theĀ Gospel of PeaceĀ and
bringĀ glad tidingsĀ of good things.

Romans 10:15

On This Special Day of Your Ordination


Pastoral New Installation-Congratulations! (#371-2)


Pastoral Installation
October 21st, 2012
Progressive Baptist Church
Austin, Texas

Reverend Dr. Edward Lee

August 18th, 2012

Many are called,
but few are chosen.
Bible Verse Ā Matthew 22:14

Thanks for answering the call of the Lord and His Children.


Gospel Ministry Service Anniversary Gift (#371-3)


To Our Beloved Minister

God is not
unjust so as
to overlook
your work
and the love
you have
shown for
serving His
people and
as you still do.

Hebrews 6:10

50 Years in the Gospel Ministry


Senior Pastor Installation Celebration (#371-4)

Senior Pastor InstallationĀ Celebration

For a Special Pastor

We want to congratulate youĀ on your elevation
to be theĀ Senior Pastor of EvangelicalĀ Crusade of Fishers of Men.

May the Lord guide youĀ like he did with Joshua
toĀ lead the children of IsraelĀ to the promise land.

Therefore Ministerial ColleagueĀ preach the word!
2 Timothy 2:25


Pastoral Ordination Congratulations Gift (#371-5)


In Honor of the Newly Ordained Pastor

PastoralĀ Ordination

Pastor Carl Simms
Church on the Hill
Collinsville, VA

ā€œFor many are called,
but few are chosenā€

Matthew 22:14


Being ordained is an important calling to a position of leadership. It is an acknowledgement that God has bestowed certain gifts and has called the individual to service.

This unique Ordination Plaque is a wonderful way to mark the very special moment of ordination service. It serves as a special gift to demonstrate your appreciation and support to a newly ordained pastors, diaconal ministers and deaconesses. It also commemorates the ordination ceremony in a memorable way.

You may personalize this gift plaque with name of the pastor, the ceremony details and ordination scriptures.

Suitable for: Deacon Ordination gift; Presbyter Ordination gift; Bishop Ordination gift

McMinnville, TN
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November 22, 2019
Beautiful plaque and great customer service!
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