BSN Graduation Gift Plaque (#603-1)

Nursing School Graduation Congratulation Message:


Nursing School Graduate!

Upon his graduation from
University of Texas with
A Bachelor of Science Degree
in Nursing (BSN)

A Nurse's Prayer: Give to my heart. Lord...
Compassion and understanding.
Give to my hands skill and tenderness.
Give to my ears the ability to listen.
Give to my lips words of comfort.
Give to me. Lord...
Strength for this selfless service.
And enable me to give hope
To those I am called to serve.
Sample Nurse Graduation Wishes: * MAKE A DIFFERENCE

Nurse Graduation Congratulation Gift (603-2)

Sample Registered Nurse Graduation Message:

Class of 2017

In Honor Of

Registered Nurse
Upon Your Graduation

Sample Registered Nurse Graduation Quote: You worked long, hard hours for this goal.
This achievement shows your capability,
dedication, and strength as an individual.
As you geared up to your upcoming
residency program, we wish you much
success in each new challenge you face.
Registered Nurse Graduation Wishes: Congrats! Good luck on your future endeavors :-)

A Paramedic’s Prayer Graduation Gift Plaque (#603-3)

Sample Parmedic Graduation Message:

In Honor Of

Paramedic Graduate!

Upon her graduation from
North Arkansas College with an
Associate of Applied Science Degree
in Emergency Medical Service

A Parademic's Prayer:

LORD, you know
what lies ahead of me this day.

The calls I will be asked to respond to,
and those who find themselves in situations
they never imagined and see no way out.

For them I humbly ask that you would
speed me on with attending angels at my side
guiding every decision and procedures.

To all who plead and those who cannot,
I pray to be a good Samaritan
as they look to me for help and rescue.

Help me to save as many as I can,
and should mine be the last face they see,
I pray they will have looked into eyes
that reflected your love for them.


Sample Paramedic Graduation Wishes: Warmest Congratulations on Your Graduation - June 2017

Nightingale Pledge Nurse Graduation Gift (#603-4)

Sample Nursing School Graduation Wishes:

Sincere Congratulations

Nursing School Graduate

In all the things you undertake,
May you meet with real success
And may the years that are ahead
Be rich in happiness!

The Florence Nightingale Pledge:

I solemnly pledge myself before God 
and in the presence of this assembly, 
to pass my life in purity and 
to practice my profession faithfully. 
I will abstain from whatever is 
deleterious and mischievous,
and will not take or knowingly
administer any harmful drug. 

I will do all in my power to maintain 
and elevate the standard of my profession, 
and will hold in confidence all personal 
matters committed to my keeping 
and all family affairs coming to my 
knowledge in the practice of my calling. 
With loyalty will I endeavor to aid the
physician, in his work, and devote myself to
the welfare of those committed to my care. 

Are you looking for a special gift to honor a recent grad and future nurse? Choosing a college major is tricky, even for the most committed students. It’s hard to decide where to focus your studies when newfound freedom makes so many options seem appealing. For those dedicated students who drill down and choose, nursing is a selfless choice with a bright professional future. Earning a degree takes hard work and dedication, so when your friend or family member graduates from nursing school, you want to show them how proud you are.

When you’re looking for the perfect present to celebrate your loved one’s accomplishment, a crystal BSN graduation gift is just the thing for the occasion. Made of the finest quality crystal and offering congratulations on a commendable milestone, our award plaque presents a graceful form with a professional finish. On the left side of the reflective plaque, there’s room for the graduate’s name, graduation date and school’s symbol. On the right, we give you the option to add your own message or prayer. Add more text or mantras along the base.

This clever, book-shaped plaque has ample space for engraving. Consider making it a Nightingale Pledge Nurse Graduation Gift and inscribing a meaningful mantra. It would also work as a paramedic’s prayer graduation gift plaque. And because our deep etch engraving is included in the cost, you can make this gift a memory with personalized nurse graduation text chosen straight from the heart.

With DIY Awards, you gain access to an online customization tool that allows you to inscribe your own personal message, choose your font and include any symbols of your choice to make your gesture even more meaningful. Purchase a gift plaque for your loved one’s BSN graduation online today. Receive your order within three days with our Rush shipping option.

Very Nice
Hicksville, NY
Verified Purchaser
May 12, 2020
It looked very nice and arrived quickly. The whole process was very easy. Thank you so much

The award was very nice and arrived very fast. I can’t wait to present this to her. She will love it!!!
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Reply from DIY Awards
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It was absolutely beautiful
Savannah, GA
Verified Purchaser
May 6, 2020
It was just as the picture showed. Completely satisfied.

It was absolutely beautiful. She is gonna love it. Something she can treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for helping make her day special.
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Reply from DIY Awards
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Beautiful workmanship and quality…
Sandston, VA
Verified Purchaser
May 14, 2019
Absolutely fantastic.

Beautiful workmanship and quality materials. I was extremely pleased with my order. And the turnaround time was fantastic too.
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Reply from DIY Awards
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Verified Purchaser
April 22, 2019
Product turned out awesome! Received in a very timely manner as well.
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My Daughter was overwhelmed and cried with emotions.
Yuma, AZ
Verified Purchaser
December 27, 2018
Professional workmanship.

I wanted something special for my Daughters' graduating and receiving her BSN degree since her Mom had passed away during this venture to further her education and career. The professional employees of DIY Awards made this remember-able event possible with the assistance of designing this plaque and turn-around time. I have never experienced such an enjoyable emotional moment with my Daughter when she saw and read the plaque. Thank you for the professional workmanship.
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Reply from DIY Awards
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Wonderful looking award
Lubbock, TX
Verified Purchaser
January 16, 2018
Very professional looking, great for librarian awards!

Wonderful looking award, the recipient will be so pleased!
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Reply from DIY Awards
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The plaque looked great...
Rome, NY
Verified Purchaser
May 8, 2019
Looks good

The plaque looked great.... could not have been more pleased.
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