Star Firefighter Recognition Award Plaque

Star Firefighter Recognition Award Plaque

In Recognition of
Over 20 Years of Service


For handling each emergency with
uncompromised competence and integrity,
For being the steady voice in a storm,
For using courage and compassion, and
For providing such a meaningful service
to the citizens of Saline County.

Always remember that


Recognize the volunteer or career firefighters who are being acknowledged for courage, commitment or long services with this Crystal Star Firefighter Recognition Award. Say thank you to the fireman who put their own lives at risk to protect yours.

Suitable for: Firefighter Axe Awards; Firefighter Years of Service Awards; Firefighter Helmet Awards

5 stars
Georgetown, IN
January 1, 2019
Great customer service and support,

5 stars: Excellent – no reservations, I would recommend this company to anyone.
"I" Made a mistake and didn't catch it in the proof, emailed the rep a few hours later asking if it was to late to change, " No sir " was the reply, still received the 2 awards in about 2 days!!

Awesome service and great looking awards
Most certainly will be ordering from them in the future.

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