Custom Crystal Deal Toys and Financial Tombstones

In the investment and financial worlds, deal toys stand out as reminders and unique keepsakes representing closed transactions.

At DIY Awards, we craft all our deal gifts from superior optical crystal. Bold, beautiful, and elegant, they make fantastic showpieces. Recipients appreciate displaying their financial tombstones and other crystal deal toys from DIY Awards on bookshelves, tables, credenzas and desks.

If you are closing a deal or marking a financial transaction milestone soon, browse our collection of plaques. Then, order your favorite deal toy with confidence online. Do you need a deal gift fast? Our express shipping option typically shortens your shipment window to around three days.

Featured Award Plaques

#572 Large Deal Gift Plaque

Commemorative Deal Plaque

$139.99 - $189.99
Celebrate that major accomplishment in the world of finance with our stylish and utilitarian Large Deal Gift Plaque. The sleek investment banking deal toy can be personalized to commemorate any successful financial transactions.
#573 Crystal Deal Tombstone

Crystal Financial Deal Tombstone

$189.99 - $279.99
Design with style and personalized to herald a major financial milestone, the Crystal Deal Tombstone is elegant and versatile. Celebrate the success of a transaction and recognize the hard work of your team with a crystal Deal Tombstone.

Choose an Optical Crystal Deal Toy

The longer you work in finance and banking, the more frequently you will see deal toys made from materials such as lucite. However, lucite tombstones are a dime a dozen while a crystal financial tombstone stands out.

What makes optical crystal so unforgettable? First, it is as clear as a camera lens. Second, it holds its weight, making it a sturdy reminder of a closed deal. Finally, it beautifully and brilliantly captures and reflects all light sources.

Instead of going with a run-of-the-mill deal toy, choose one that your recipient will proudly show off for a lifetime. Pick up as many deal gifts as you need from DIY Awards.

Customize Your Crystal Deal Gifts and Financial Tombstones

A huge advantage to choosing DIY Awards as your preferred supplier of deal toys is that you can individualize every plaque. Choose your favorite shape, one of the most popular being the financial tombstone, add a personalized etched message for no extra cost, and using our personalization tool, finalize the crystal trophy. 

This means your crystal deal toy could include anything from your companies logo and the date of the deal to an inspirational saying. Get creative and personalize each plaque you order, even if they are all memorializing the same deal. Be sure to check out our colorfill option, too. Colorfill allows us to hand-paint the etched areas of your deal gift to give the overall plaque more character and drama.

Purchase Deal Gifts From DIY Awards

Forget about giving another lucite tombstone that will end up in the bottom drawer of someone’s filing cabinet. Instead, pick an eye-catching optical crystal financial tombstone or other deal gift shape that can serve as an enduring representation of a successful transaction. DIY Awards makes it simple and fast to get all the crystal items you need without leaving your office or home.

Do you need some help choosing the perfect crystal deal toy or want to know more about colorfill or uploading a logo? Our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team members are ready to assist. Call us at (800) 810-1216 to learn more about the many choices you have or order your crystal deal toy today. 

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