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Sale #170 Crystal Circle Award

Crystal Circle Award

$99.99 - $169.99 $89.99 - $159.99
The crystal award plaque features a simple, elegant crystal circle atop a beveled crystal base. This crystal award is an ongoing favorite for a wide range of corporate achievement awards.
#179 Crystal Rectangle Award

Crystal Rectangle Award

$119.99 - $209.99
This crystal award plaque is characterized by its solid lines, representing on-track excellence. The combination of clear and blue crystal underscores the exclusive styling of this award plaque and takes engraved crystal plaques to the next level.
#420 Crystal Book Awards

Crystal Book Award Plaque

$145.99 - $219.99
Featuring an open book design, the Crystal Book Award offers you a large personalization area. Customize this crystal award with any sentiment you wish, this crystal plaque is perfect to adorn the award shelf or office desk.
#419 Crystal Love Plaque
Featuring an exquisite etched heart design, this classic Love Plaque is sure to stand the test of time just like your love. This engraved crystal plaque is a beautiful gift for an anniversary.
#209 Crystal Wave Awards

Crystal Wave Award

$129.99 - $209.99
Crystal Wave Award has a black crystal base that makes it sleek and strong. Purchase it for any type of corporate recognition as an elegant way to show appreciation.
#128 Vertical Crystal Plaques

All-Stars Crystal Plaque

$119.99 - $209.99
All-Stars Plaque is designed to honor top performer or team as having a high level of performance in their field. This crystal plaque features a blue crystal star mounted atop, denoting the recipient's stellar performance.
#172 Crystal Sunflower Award

Crystal Sunflower Award

$109.99 - $189.99
The open face of the crystal sunflower award plaque conveys warmth and happiness. It symbolizes loyalty and longevity. This crystal award plaque can be engraved with your personal message to recognize years of service and retirement.
#234 Crystal Apex Award

Crystal Globe Apex Award

$129.99 - $169.99
The Crystal Globe Apex Award uses an elegant peak design to lift the crystal globe "to new heights". Made of the highest quality optical crystal, this beautifully modern, reflective corporate award sets the standard when it comes to global recognition.
#129 Horizontal Crystal Star Plaques

Crystal Star Service Plaque

$119.99 - $209.99
With the beautiful blue star accenting the top of the award, the Star Service Plaque is an excellent choice to honor stars of the community.
#430 Crystal Flag Plaque

Crystal American Flag Plaque

$129.99 - $279.99
The Crystal Flag Plaque is a fine award for the patriotic American. With an American flag adorning the top, this personalized crystal plaque commemorates those who have dedicated their lives to military & public service.
#256 Shining Star Crystal Awards

Shining Star Crystal Award

$169.99 - $269.99
Stately and refined, the impressive Crystal Shining Star Award radiates with distinction. This Star Award offers an ample engraving space and endless design alternatives - an excellent choice to recognize stellar performance.
#471 Perpetual Rectangle Plaque

Perpetual Rectangle Plaque

$179.99 - $229.99
Choose from our vertical or horizontal Perpetual Rectangle Plaques if you’re in the market for crystal award plaques that can be effortlessly personalized. These crystal perpetual plaques can be tailored to recognize any kind of workplace excellence.
#434 National Flag Award

Crystal Waving Flag Award

$129.99 - $279.99
Are you looking for the perfect gift for a patriotic individual who represents honor, strength, and courage? If so, our National Flag Award is the perfect way to say "thanks"for all that they do! With a flag waving proudly in the background, this plaque is guaranteed to truly express your appreciation.
#435 National Shield Award

Crystal National Shield Award

$119.99 - $229.99
With a gorgeous crystal appearance and stars and stripes design, the National Shield Award is the perfect "thank you" for anyone who symbolizes the patriotism of our country. To add a personal touch to this gift, be sure to add your gift recipients name and a few words of encouragement to your plaque for no extra charge! An idea award choice for military and law enforcement personnel.
#168 Crystal Flame Award

Crystal Flame Award

$105.99 - $189.99
Resembling the shape of a flame, the Crystal Flame Award honors the Keeper of the Flame, someone who goes first, who inspires others to be their best. Reward efforts that goes above and beyond with this beautifully designed crystal award plaque.
#175 Crystal Octagon Award Plaques

Crystal Octagon Award

$119.99 - $199.99
Accented with precision-beveled facets and edges, this Crystal Octagon Award captures and reflects light in the most elegant manner. Engraved this crystal awards with personalized message to make these crystal awards true remembrances.
Sale #185 Crystal Drive Award

Crystal Drive Award

$149.99 - $189.99 $139.99 - $179.99
This unique and dynamic style is accented with stars and stripes near the top and blue crystal protruding up one side of the award. The Crystal Drive Award is an irresistible choice as an award of excellence.
#186 Crystal Pinnacle Award

Crystal Pinnacle Award

$119.99 - $179.99
The Crystal Pinnacle Award uses the elegantly simple peak design as the foundation. The blue crystal side bar transforms the once simple award into a true beauty. With ample space for engraving, this crystal award can be as creative as you dream it.
Sale #188 Crystal Peak Award

Crystal Peak Award

$139.99 - $179.99 $129.99 - $169.99
Searching for that ideal corporate crystal awards? Featuring an asymmetric design with a pronounced peak, the Crystal Peak Award is a perfect embodiment of excellence and distinguished accomplishments.
#191 Diamond Peak Award Plaque
Looking for a custom crystal award to recognize the stand out employee? Look no further. With two diamond shaped columns adorning the side of the Crystal Summit, the award symbolizes success and peak performance.

Clear Rectangle Plaque

$119.99 - $199.99
This beautiful Crystal Rectangle Award Plaque is hand cut and the elegant rectangle fits seamlessly into the sleek base. With its ample engraving area, this Crystal Plaque gives you unbridled freedom accommodating your personal designs.
#195 Crystal Wedge Award Plaques

Crystal Wedge Award

$109.99 - $199.99
Honor all the star performers in your life with our Crystal Wedge Award. It has a distinctive inclined plane where you can etch someone's name, their accomplishment or anything else you want to honor. The simple but bold Crystal Wedge Award draws attention to your recognition message.
#301 Crystal Trinity Award

Crystal Trinity Award

$125.99 - $189.99
A substantial and unique crystal award choice, this Crystal Trinity Award is both elegant and stately. With its clean triangle shape, it's the perfect gift for any occasion to recognize someone who matters.
#221 Geodesic Award

Geodesic Globe Award

$119.99 - $159.99
With a concaved globe etched on the back and ample engraving space, this Crystal Geodesic Award is often used to recognize the excellence of business partners with global impacts.
#239 Crystal Globe Sail Award

Crystal Globe Sail Award

$149.99 - $279.99
Evoking a forward motion with its exquisite design, the Crystal Globe Sail Award honors the forward-thinkers and visionary leaders. This Crystal Globe Sail Award is sleek, versatile, and creatively designed; worthy of any corporate honoree.
Sale #250 Victory Star Award Plaques

Victory Star Award Plaque

$149.99 - $189.99 $139.99 - $179.99
The blue crystal star is fused to the top of this elegant Crystal Star Plaque. For those who have overcome adversities and achieved the impossible, the Crystal Victory Star Award is a testament of hard-earned success.
#643 Blue American Flag Plaque

Blue American Flag Plaque

$129.99 - $279.99
It’s hard to capture the dignity of service and beauty of patriotism in a single appreciation piece, but the Blue American Flag Plaque does it, and does it with ease. This piece is ideal for law enforcement recognition and military appreciation.

Are you searching for a sweet, heartfelt and special way to show someone you appreciate them? Whether you're saying thank you, congratulating them on an accomplishment, honoring a milestone or celebrating an anniversary, special people deserve something special in return. When someone has dedicated time, commitment or talent to something that means a lot to you, offering them a gift shows they mean a lot, too.

At DIY Awards, we specialize in showing people what they're worth by offering an array of beautiful personalized crystal plaques for various causes and occasions. Designed intricately and each offering stunning designs, our awards are a unique, meaningful way to offer appreciation.

Elegantly Engraved Crystal at DIY Awards

At DIY Awards, we’re passionate about designing and creating stunning engraved crystal plaques and trophies. We'll help you commemorate any special occasion, from individual appreciations or community service acknowledgments to employee anniversary parties. Whether you know exactly what type of crystal plaque engraving you need or require a bit of inspiration from our creative and innovative plaque design specialists, we create elegant awards your honorees will remember for a lifetime.

We believe in using only the highest-quality crystal materials to elevate the sophistication of your event. DIY Awards works closely with our customers to ensure we create unique, personalized engraved crystal plaques that meet your highest standards and expectations.

With DIY Awards, you’ll never have to settle for forgettable or uninspired awards again. With our selection of engraved plaques, you can expect:

  • Superior-quality crystal materials.
  • Personalized design options with our innovative customization tool. Create personal messages and include company branding and logos.
  • Deep-etch engravings for an outstanding, lasting finish.
  • Intricate, hand-painted details.

Award Plaque Design Inspiration

Are you planning a celebration but don’t quite know the right gift to show your appreciation and leave a lasting impression? Nothing is more memorable or personal than a custom engraved crystal plaque.

Crystal plaque engravings are a sophisticated and visually interesting way to honor an outstanding employee or just show someone you appreciate something they’ve done for you. Not only are crystal awards beautiful, but they’re also incredibly versatile — and at DIY Awards, they can be customized to include any messaging, design or color you can imagine. They're the perfect solution to capture your true sentiments and appreciation.

Make your engraved crystal plaque special with these design ideas:

  • Unique shape: Plaques and trophies don't have to be created in a traditional rectangular shape. Find a fun, dynamic shape that represents the accomplishment or suits the personality of the recipient.
  • Brand representation: Choose imagery that relates to your business, like logos and coloring, or be creative with the overall design. Maybe let the top half of the plaque be on-brand and professional and give the bottom half a unique design aesthetic.
  • Personal details: The honoree’s name should be engraved on the plaque, certainly. But what other details can be added to differentiate this award from others your company presents? Add a name along with their title, the specific accomplishment, the date and any other details that add personality.
  • Meaningful note: Just because an engraved plaque or award recognizes a professional accomplishment doesn’t mean it has to be boring or plain. Add a personal note to motivate and inspire the recipient that shows you care about them individually and encourage their success and growth.
  • Inspiring quote: Every organization is unique, with values that drive the success of the company. Add a fun quote that’s relevant to the occasion, represents your values and motivates the individual to keep succeeding.

Your Top Choice for Custom Crystal Plaques

When you order from DIY Awards, you'll find quality and customization like no other awards site. Each of our engraved crystal plaques is made with premium quality, 100% optical crystal with hand-painted detailing and deep-etched laser engravings. With our unique online customization tool, you can customize the name, message and logo as you create a personalized crystal plaque. Our easy personalization process and high-quality products are paired with quick turnaround times and reliable customer service, so you can count on a positive experience.

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