Crystal Appreciation Gift for Dedicated Educators with the Apple Symbol of Knowledge & Education

Crystal Appreciation Gift for Dedicated Educators with the Apple Symbol of Knowledge & Education

With Much Gratitude & Love
We Present

A Very Special Teacher

In appreciation for your life long dedication to education...

For believing in children, 
for guiding through example, 
for inspiring with passion, 
for living through loving, 
for touching the human soul,
for leaving an indelible mark 
on the future... 

You have made all the difference. 

A thank you from all the lives you have impacted!

Express gratitude to dedicated educators with this personalized crystal appreciation gift, featuring the iconic apple symbol of knowledge and education, as a heartfelt token of appreciation for their unwavering commitment to shaping young minds.
Customized Crystal Thank You Gift Plaque for Great Teachers and Coaches with Teacher Appreciation Poem

Customized Crystal Thank You Gift Plaque for Great Teachers and Coaches with Teacher Appreciation Poem

Paint their minds
and guide their thoughts
Share their achievements 
and advise their faults.
Inspire a love 
of knowledge and truth
As you light the path
which leads our youth.
For our future brightens
with each lesson you teach
each smile you lengthen
each goal you help reach. 
For the dawn of each poet 
each philosopher and king
Begins with a Teacher
And the wisdom they bring. 

~Kevin William Huff~

Thank You

For being a great teacher,
division leader, and academic coach.

The impact you have made on so many
lives is one you should be proud of. 
We are honored to have you as
our leader for the last seven years of 
your professional career. 

Show your appreciation to great educators with this customized crystal gift plaque, featuring a heartfelt teacher appreciation poem, honoring their exceptional dedication and inspiring mentorship.
Handmade Crystal Thank You Gift Plaque for Nursing Preceptors and Staff at End of Resident Rotation

Handmade Crystal Thank You Gift Plaque for Nursing Preceptors and Staff at End of Resident Rotation

We as a residency have greatly appreciated your time with us. 
We find that you are a patient, kind, knowledgeable preceptor that we trust. You are willing to jump in and help with procedures, take time to listen about difficult patients, and pass along knowledge we did not have. You have confidence in your medical decision making, and in our process. You have trust in us and are a wonderful teacher.

Thank you for being all of this. 
We are grateful for your time and expertise.

With Gratitude

From Medical Residency Graduates

A beautifully designed crystal plaque, engraved with your favorite teacher appreciation poem, is a perfect way to thank our amazing teachers.
Personalized Crystal Appreciation Gift Plaque for Retiring Christian Teachers & Sunday School Leaders

Personalized Crystal Appreciation Gift Plaque for Retiring Christian Teachers & Sunday School Leaders

With Our Gratitude & Love We Present

Our Retiring Teacher

This award for your years of dedicated service to the Lord
and 25 Years of Devotion as our Sunday School Superintendent

In appreciation for your dedication to the Lord Jesus Christ 
for believing and teaching the word,  for guiding through example, for inspiring with passion, for leaving an indelible mark on the future, for touching the human soul, for countless hours of study, for following God’s will, for going above and beyond, for being a teacher we are proud of. 

We thank you for all you do. 
You are loved and appreciated. 
You have made a difference.

Loves God... Loves God's Word... Loves God's People... 

Celebrate the retirement of Christian teachers and Sunday School leaders with this personalized crystal gift plaque, expressing gratitude for their dedicated service and spiritual guidance throughout their years of teaching.

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift to give an important teacher? Whether they teach elementary school, high school, college or an adult learning course, teachers have a crucial impact on our lives. They instill us with essential values, teach us valuable skills, encourage us to learn and push us to be our best. When we are curious, they offer us answers or explanations. When we are uncertain, they help us continue to move forward. A teacher inspires and encourages you to grow — and that’s something you should thank them for.

When you’re looking for a special way to show your appreciation, a card or note doesn’t measure up to the gratitude you feel. Instead, gift your mentor with something as special as they are. A personalized appreciation plaque for your teacher is a perfect way to show them how much they mean to you. Complete with a message of your choice, this gift says thank you — and memorializes the difference they’ve made in your life.

The book has long been a symbol for education, knowledge and a philosophical journey. That’s why our crystal appreciation plaque for teachers is crafted in the shape of a book with open pages. The open book has an innocent beauty about it, beckoning the observer to keep pushing onward. The Book Appreciation Award is the perfect way to honor an educator, academic or anyone else who has prioritized the sacred world of learning.

The Book Appreciation Award is a prime piece for deep-etch engraving. The open pages provide a natural backdrop for an extended message, poem, quotations or any organizational wording you choose. At DIY Awards, we offer you an online customization tool to choose the text and symbols you want on your personalized plaque. Our inscription is cut into the 100 percent optical crystal, so your message won’t fade as time passes. This gift will truly stand the test of time.

Order our book-shaped award for a teacher who matters today.

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The experience was great!
Quincy, MA
October 3, 2023
Would consider using them again

The experience was great!
Beautiful work, fast service
Quality product
Chicago, IL
June 1, 2021
Great product and customer service.

Quality product.
Super customer service.
Teacher Retirement Award - 12 inch crystal book
Broomall, PA
May 11, 2021
Very impressive and impactful award! Beautiful product which is very eye catching - high quality! I was absolutely thrilled when the actual product looked better than I expected!!! Thank You!

Very prompt follow-up to confirm final artwork/wording - overall service was very efficient.

Product quality is top notch - very impressive gift which recipient will be honored & proud to display! Impactful!!!

While unfortunately a rare occurrence when ordering online, ALWAYS wonderful when actual product looks better than expected! 🙂
I was so very pleased with this award…
Flemington, NJ
December 1, 2020
My daughter absolutely loved this gift! And so do we! It is beautiful and worth every penny!

I was so very pleased with this award and how you accommodated my wishes. I can’t wait to present it to my daughter this Thursday! Thank you so much for everything!
Imperial, MO
July 8, 2020
This is our second time using DIY Awards. We have been very happy with the results and people have been quite impressed with the awards.
It is just awesome!!!
Jackson height, queens, NY
June 5, 2019
It is awesome !!!

It is just awesome!!!
Fast delivery
April 23, 2019
Beautiful product..even tho I was hoping it would be a little bigger. But I'm still happy did find it a little pricey

Fast delivery, and beautiful product
Great Job
Reidsville, NC
March 28, 2019
Alreday wrote review

i am very pleased with the customer service that i received from DIY Awards. My request was handled promptly and very professionally. The turn around time was exceptional. The plaque looks very professional and i think the recipient will love it when it is presented to her. i would readily recommend your company to anyone needing a plaque.
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