Wedding Anniversary Quotes, Poems, wishes and Messages

Each Wedding Anniversary is a celebration of the beautiful journey of married life. Years of love, commitment and dedication should be honored in a memorable way. Sometimes, words from heart are more precious than any gift in the world. Whether you have made it to 1, 3, 5, 10, 15, 25 or 50 years of wedding anniversary, and whether it is for your own anniversary or  that of family members or friends, we have collected these beautiful wedding anniversary wording ideas for you.

Below is a selection of  Wedding Anniversary Quotes, Wedding Anniversary Poems,  Wedding Anniversary Bible Verses, Wedding Anniversary Wishes and Wedding Anniversary Messages for wife, husband, parents or any loved one's Wedding Anniversary. Celebrate the love and joy with these sentimental and celebratory anniversary messages, or find the inspiration you need to create of your own personal messages!

Sample Happy Anniversary Love Quotes

To My Sweetheart

When we fell in love, I gave you my heart.
When we got married, I gave you my promise.
And as long as I live, I will give you my love.

Happy Anniversary with Love!

Say happy anniversary to your beloved spouse with this romantic quote that symbolizes the undying love between husband and wife

Sample Happy Wedding Anniversary Poem to Wife

For My Wonderful Wife...
With All My Love

The sun shall rise and fall every day,
flowers shall grow then wither away.
Birds will chirp and bells will ring,
people rejoice and angels will sing.
For this is the day I make a new start,
I give you my body, my soul and my heart.
I promise to love you all that I can,
for you are my soul mate, my partner, my friend.
Without you in my life, I walk a lonely street,
but now I thank the heavens for you.
You make my life complete.

From Your Loving Husband
On Our Wedding Anniversary

Celebrate your anniversary by writing a short yet sweetest poem and expressing the true love that is deep down inside your heart

Sample Wedding Anniversary Poem for Husband

To My Beloved Husband
On Our Anniversary

I Love You with All of My Heart

I love looking back to where we began,
seeing us as we were at the beginning,
then slowly leafing through the paths
we’ve walked together to bring us to
where we are today ...

I love anticipating the days ahead of us,
wondering what we’ll find in each other,
before another year has slipped away...

But best of all, I love being with you
where we are today, together writing the
pages we’ll remember tomorrow.

Happy Anniversary!

Love, Your Wife

Wedding anniversary is a perfect time to celebrate your love about your husband. Show him what an amazing husband he is with a romantic anniversary poem.

Religious Anniversary messages and wishes to Parents

God Bless You
On Your Wedding Anniversary!

Mom and Dad

Your happy marriage created a happy home, happy
memories, and a family that truly appreciates being here today.
Here’s to you, Mom and Dad ...
And to the wonderful day that started it all.

The LORD bless you and keep you;
the LORD make his face shine upon you,
and be gracious unto you. ~ Numbers 6:24

This religious anniversary message and bible verse are perfect to celebrate your parents’ anniversary and tell mom and dad how much their love has inspired you

Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Parents with Scriptures

Celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversary

To Parents on Their Golden Anniversary

Scripture about Love: 1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13

Mom and Dad, Your golden anniversary
is a celebration of what marriage is all about.
Congratulations on fifty years of caring and
compassion, humor and hope, commitment
to family, and unconditional love.

Wish your parents a happy anniversary with this beautiful wedding anniversary wishes and verse, express your gratitude and joy for being part of their lives

Happy Anniversary Messages and Wishes to Husband

To My Handsome Husband
With All My Heart

Marriage was not a part of my dreams until I met you and
it has changed my life. We have shared the best of times.
Thru the years we have had joy, sadness and emotions.
I can't find the words to express but, thru it all it has
brought us to this moment. You are in my heart.
You are my soul. You are forever, my soul mate.

Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary

From Your Loving Wife on Our Anniversary

A perfect wedding anniversary gifts engraved with right choice of anniversary message and wishes for your beloved husband; a keepsake you can cherish on your 20 years anniversary and many more years to come

Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Friends

Happy 25th Anniversary!

To My Loving Wife on Our Anniversary

Romatic Anniversary Poem for Wife:

I’m so glad I found you -
the one I can trust
to dream my dreams with me -
the one who understands
my deepest feelings, the one
who knows me and loves me
as I really am...

You’re everything I ever
hoped for in a partner, all
that I need in a friend,
and all I ever wanted in
someone to love.

Happy Anniversary

On your Silver Wedding Anniversary, honor a unity with your best friend and partner in crime; your loving wife. A personalized gift with a romantic poem to your love is the perfect way to show how much in love you still are after 25 years. It is a lasting reminder of the years dreams that you share for your life together.

Personalized Wedding Vow Gift Idea

Our Wedding Vows

I, Michael, take you Sarah, to be my wedded wife.
To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and honor
‘till death do us part. I promise to cherish you, be faithful to you,
and come along side you to help you be the woman God wants you to be.
That through His grace, Sarah, we might grow together
into the likeness of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

I, Sarah, take you Michael, to be my wedded husband.
To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse,
for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and honor
‘till death do us part. I promise to respect you, be faithful to you,
and faithfully as your helpmate, uphold you in prayer and submit to you.
That through His grace, Michael, we might grow together
into the likeness of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Your Wedding Date

This personalized crystal plaque engraved with your wedding vow makes a timeless keepsake. What a beautiful way to keep your wedding vows stored forever!

Sample 1st Wedding Anniversary Quote

To My Dear Wife on Our Wedding Anniversary

From the very start, I knew you were the one that was
meant to be my soul mate for life. Because you let me into
your heart, and changed my life more than you’ll ever know.
I hope your love keeps growing stronger as time goes on;
for I will always love you. Thank you for all that you have
done, and all of the memories that we have shared.

Happy 1st Anniversary! 2014

Celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary with a sweet anniversary quote from your heart and let your spouse know how beautiful your think your marriage is

3rd Wedding Anniversary Message to Husband

To My Beloved Wife on Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary

Three years ago this day my life
felt more complete than it had ever felt.
With no doubt and all the confidence in the world
I knew that I was making the right decision.

I love you and look forward to many more years!

This happy anniversary message is perfect to share with your husband on your 3rd wedding anniversary and let him know that you would do it all over again in a heartbeat

15th Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Bible Verse

Wedding Anniv.

Happy 15th Anniversary

Celebrating a Loving Christian Couple's
15th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniv.
Once in a lifetime,
you meet someone wonderful.
Once in a lifetime,
your dreams all come true.
And life from then on can be nothing
but special.
My once in a lifetime is you!
Wedding Anniv.
Bible Verse:


1 Corinthians 13:4-7, 13

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast,
it is not proud. It is not rude,
it is not self-seeking,
it is not easily angered,
it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil
but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects,
always trusts, always hopes,
always perseveres. Love never fails...
And now these three remain:
faith, hope and love. But the greatest
of these is love.

A personalized crystal gift plaque engraved with a romantic anniversary quote and an inspirational bible verse is a perfect way to celebrate 15 years of true love

Crystal Anniversary Gift Message and Wording Idea

Happy 15th anniversary to my lovely wife

I can’t think of a better way to have spent the last
15 years of my life except to be with you. You have been
the love of my life, my best friend and my strength.
I’ll always love you, more than you’ll ever know!
More than I’ve loved anyone else, ever.
Thank you again for marrying me and for
being there for me. To 15, 30, 45, 60 more!

Our Crystal Wedding Anniversary

Celebrating 15 years of love, happiness and commitment. Writing a romantic anniversary message on this elegantly designed customized crystal gift is a great way to say happy anniversary to your loving spouse

15th Wedding Anniversary Message to Wife

For My Wonderful Wife,
With All My Love

We’ve shared a lot of happiness.
We’ve seen some dreams come true.
And every now and then we’ve had our share of worries, too.
But every day our love has grown still deeper than before,
And with each passing year, I know I’ll love you even more.

Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary

Melt your wife’s heart with a sentimental anniversary message, let her know how special she is and how much you appreciate her in your life

25th Wedding Anniversary Poem and Quote

To My Wife, My Life Partner

I Love You With All My Heart!

How wonderful it is that
I have you to take my hand
and continue this life journey
we started so many years ago,
with nothing but dreams and
love to guide us on our way!

“Sharing the good times, bearing
the hard times, trusting in God.
Laughing and living, trusting,
forgiving, together forever,
side by side, day by day.”

With Love, From Your Husband

Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary!

Spending a quarter of a century in love with one another is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life. Honoring your silver wedding anniversary with this beautiful anniversary poem and quote

Silver Wedding Anniversary Poems

Celebrating A 25th Wedding Anniversary


Wedding Anniversary Poem:

Every anniversary is a tribute
to the love you both share.
A love that has grown through the years,
a love that is the foundation of your family.
Together, you have shared so many
good times, and some tough ones too.

Today, the two of you share...
Twenty five reasons to celebrate...
Twenty five reasons to be thankful...
Twenty five years of priceless memories...


The Silver Anniversary Gift From Children includes a romantic poem to congratulate a couple for their silver wedding anniversary. It is a beautiful reminder for the husband and wife of all the wonderful memories they have shared together in the past 25 years.

Golden Anniversary Wishes and Messages to Parents

Happy 50th Anniversary!

Mom and Dad / Grandma and Grandpa

God blessed you in the kindest way and kept you in His care.
He gave you something beautiful - fifty years to share ...
May you recall with joy, today, the special things you’ve done.
And lovingly reflect upon your memories, one by one.

From Your Children, Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Express your gratitude and joy on your parents Golden Wedding Anniversary with a personal heartfelt message that honors God’s blessings and memories shared throughout 50 years of marriage

50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes and Wishes

God Bless You
On Your 
Golden Anniversary

Your marriage is so beautiful
and is truly heaven made.
Your love, hope and faith in God
is strong and does not fade.
May you truly sense God’s
love as you celebrate today,
And see the future years together
as memories to be made.

Religious Wedding Anniversary Quote:
“Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith you will receive”

A beautiful wedding anniversary quote and wish that is worthy of all the love and commitment a couple has put into their 5 decades of married life