Teacher Appreciation Wording Ideas and Sample Layouts

For those of you looking for teacher appreciation quotes, here are a few sample appreciation messages and layouts that might encourage those who teach.

Feel free to use these in awards or gifts as you pray for or encourage your teachers!

Class Gift For Teacher Quote

Thank you so much for all that you do.
You have made such an impact on all of us.
Your words of wisdom will guide us
And give us courage to chase our dreams.

Thank you so much!
You are so much more than a teacher, but a friend.

An excellent gift idea for a class to give teachers at end of the year

Teacher Appreciation Gift Wording

With enduring appreciation for sharing
your gift of teaching countless students at
Boston University School of Management.

You had the mastery, commitment,
passion and a strong sense of giving
to reach our grateful students.

Teacher Appreciation from Class

In recognition of your years of dedication to education,
especially those that have impacted our individual lives;
we, the Austin High School Class of 1986
present you with this token of
our sincere appreciation and love.

Thank You Teacher!

A thoughtful Teacher Gift to express your appreciation

Teacher Thank You Gift Quote

We, the class of 1986, want you to know that
you have touched our lives in so many ways
as a teacher, mentor and friend.

"The kind of person we all want to be when
growing up and the kind of person we wish
we could have been when we are older."

A nice appreciation quote with a personal "thank you"!

Thank You Teacher for Service & Dedication!

In great appreciation for your
twenty-five years of outstanding
service and dedication to the students!

Those whose lives you have impacted,
say "Thank You!"

The plaque, inscribed with "Why God Made Teachers", the teacher appreciation poem by Kevin William Huff, highlights the heartfelt thank you for the best teachers!

Teacher Appreciation for Caring & Love!

Special thanks for caring,
for love and tenderness;
your patience and generosity,
and boundless thoughtfulness.

You imprint lives forever in our hearts and in our minds.

Thank You Poem to Your Favorite Teacher!

Thank you teacher for guiding us, inspiring us
and making us what we are today!
You were a fascinating teacher.
You always taught me well;
never ever giving up;
even though I gave you hell.
But now that I have grown up,
I realize, my friend,
you always gave me what I needed.

Teacher Thank You Poem from Class

In great appreciation for your
30 years of dedication to the children
and families of Arboretum Family Day Care.

One hundred years from now, it will not matter
what my bank account was, the sort of house
I lived in, or the kind of car I drove.
But the world may be different because
I was important in the life of a child.