Zenith Sales Performance Award
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Zenith Sales Performance Award Trophy
$89.99 - $149.99

Crafted to look like an impressive mountain peak, angling skyward and standing proud and tall, the Top Sales Performance Award sends a clear message. Much like the summit of a great peak is the top point in the sky line; this gorgeous, crystal award conveys a clear sense of top performance.

Our deep etch engraving is offered at no additional cost, so you can personalize this award to honor any employee or even a group of employees. This solid, heavy Top Sales Performance Award is made with 100 percent optical crystal. The shape and clean design of this piece allow you to personalize it to honor any milestone.

Best Store Manager of the Year Award Plaque (#022-1)

Best Store Manager of the Year Award

Good store managers play an important role in the success of every retail business.  Best Store Manager of the Year Award is one of the most important sales award category in the retailing business to recognize the store managers who exemplify the roles that a great store manager plays in motivating a team and maximizing store profitability.  

Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Award Name:   Best Store Manager of the Year
Presented to: The Best Store Manager
Award Message:    In recognition of you Outstanding Management, Leadership, Mentoring and most importantly Dedication
Sales Award of Excellence (#022-2)

Award of Excellence

The excellence of sales force is the key to any high-performing sales organization. Excellence happens “when the outcome is something that goes way beyond the norm”. Nothing is more appropriate than an Award of Excellence to recognize and congratulate those sales persons who deliver outstanding results by going above and beyond what is expected.

Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Sales Award Name:    Award of Excellence
Recipient Name: Top Performer with Sales Excellence
Award Message: Top Revenue Producer


Highest Sales Growth Award Plaque (#022-3)

Highest Sales Growth Award

Sales Growth Metric is a key metric to assess a sales organization’s performance. Highest Sales Growth Award is one of the most important sales award ideas to recognize the sales team or sales representative who has gone above and beyond to make contribution in driving sales growth and achieving the organization goals.

Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Award Title:  Highest Sales Growth Award
Recipient Name: Sales individual or Sales team with highest sales growth
Award Message: For Highest Sales Growth In a Quarter/Year
Sales Competition Winners Award (#022-4)

Sales Competition Winners Award

Sales people are naturally competitive and have strong desire for recognition. More and more companies are searching for creative sales competitions ideas to boost sales performance and increase sales revenue.  A beautifully design crystal sales award plaque will send a strong message to congratulate and honor the sales competition winners.

Award Template and Wording Ideas:

Award Name:   Sales Competition Winner Award
Presented to: The Sales Competition Winner
Award Message: 1st Place/2nd Place/3rd Place
Item: Zenith Award
Material: Optical Crystal
Offer Includes: 1. Free Personalization
2. Free Deep-Etched Engraving
3. Free Logo Setup
4. Free Proofs (8am Central, next biz day)
Packaging: Presentation Box (view)
Item IDPriceDimensionsApprox. Wt.
Small 7" CT16070 $89.99 7" H x 2-3/4" W x 1-1/4" D 1.9 lbs
Medium 8.5" CT16085 $109.99 8-1/2" H x 3" W x 1-3/4" D 3.4 lbs
Large 10" CT16100 $129.99 10" H x 3-1/4" W x 2" D 4.5 lbs
X-Large 12" CT16120 $149.99 12" H x 4" W x 2-1/6" D 6 lbs