Pastor & Wife Award Plaque
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Giving acknowledgement to a pastor's wife is an essential but often neglected part of pastor appreciation. It is important to also recognize the efforts & sacrifices of pastor's wife while honoring your church pastors.

This crystal bible gift plaque is a tribute that offers both verbal encouragement and sincere appreciation to your beloved pastor and the first lady. It is a unique offering that will be remembered by both the pastor and first lady for many years to come.

Suitable for: Pastor and Wife Gifts; Clergy Appreciation Month Gifts; Ministry Appreciation Gifts;

Pastor & Wife Appreciation Gift (#268-1)

To Your Pastor

Our God has sent you to this place,
To lead us in the way,
To teach us from His word,
And we will try to do our best.

Always ready and willing to share
a comforting thought and a smile.

We thank you for your ministry,
Your guidance and your care.
His greatest blessings for your life
Is our most humble prayer.

To Pastor's Wife

When we thank God for our pastor,
We must give Him thanks for two.
For when your husband came to us,
God also sent us you.

And we say thanks for all you do
and lift you up in prayer.

Your presence blesses all of us
Who know you from day to day.
As our pastor’s wife, you are
Serving God in a fine and worthy way.

In Recognition of Your Hard Work & Dedication

Pastor and His Wife Anniversary Gift (#268-2)

To Your Beloved Pastor

You have served the Lord with gladness - tirelessly,

faithfully and with great compassion for His flock.

In wisdom you have instructed us, and in gentleness

you have led us. Your counsel has made us wise, and your

tender compassion have encouraged and comforted us.

You have been to us the express representation

of the Father's Love.


You have shared our deepest joys and stood with us in

our darkest hours. You have held us close to your heart,

strengthening our hands, cheering our souls and

assuring our hearts.

To Your Pastor's Wife

You shine forth in our midst, a radiant reflection of

God’s love, continually holding forth the Word of

Truth.  With discernment and devotion you have

listened to the Father’s voice and have called us,

again and again, to His heart.

You have taught us what it means to commit whole-

heartedly, to serve zealously, and to love sacrificially.

In purity and passion you have set our hearts ablaze

with love for our Savior, a hunger for His Word,

and a consuming desire for a life of holy consecration.

Item: Crystal Book Award
Material: Optical Crystal
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Large 12" CC21120 $169.99 8-1/2" H x 12" W x 2-3/4" D 10.2 lbs