Music Teacher Gift Wording Ideas

For those of you looking for music teacher appreciation quotes & gift ideas, here are a few sample appreciation messages and layouts that might encourage those who teach.

Feel free to use these in awards or gifts as you pray for or encourage your music teachers!

Music Teacher Thank You Gift Wording

With Our Deepest Appreciation

To Our Favorite Music Teacher

Thank you for your tireless efforts
in building our musical foundations
and your devotion to us, your students.

Thank you for all your help and patience,
we couldn't have made it without you!

Class of 2012

The flowing music notes set the tone for this popular music teacher gift.You will hit a home run with this special teacher’s end of the year gift.

Dance Teacher Gift Wording

With Our Greatest


Honoring a Very Special Dance Teacher

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher!
We have learned so much because of you.
You encouraged us to be the best we could be
and we will always be thankful to you for
all the hard work and efforts you have put in
to make us who we are today.

“When God created teachers,
He gave us special friends
To help us understand His world
And truly comprehend
The beauty and the wonder
Of everything we see,
And become a better person
With each discovery.

When God created teachers,
He gave us special guides
To show us ways in which to grow
So we can all decide
How to live and how to do
What’s right instead of wrong,
To lead us so that we can lead
And learn how to be strong.

Why God created teachers,
In His wisdom and His grace,
Was to help us learn to make
Our world a better, wiser place.”
~ Kevin William Huff

Music Teacher of the Year Award Wording

The Music Teacher Award is normally an annual award program that recognizes extraordinary contributions and outstanding dedication to Music Education.

For Inspiration, Commitment and Excellence in Teaching

In Recognition of Your Leadership, Dedicated Service and Teaching Excellence.

Piano Teacher Retirement Gift Wording


A Special Music Teacher

In Appreciation and Recognition For 
Your Loyal and Dedicated Service As

The Best Music Teacher

You’ve made a real difference in the lives 
of the students you taught.

Thank you for sharing with us what music means to you.
You have not only made us better musicians, but better people.

Enjoy Your Retirement!

Music Teacher Retirement Plaque Wording

Thank you for 20 years of devoted service.
Thank you for taking the time to listen,
to encourage, and to share.
You've made a real difference in the lives
of the students you taught and the educators
who were privileged to work with you.
With special thanks and many warm wishes for
a very happy RETIREMENT