Globe Pillar Award

This pillar shaped crystal award features a unique concaved globe etched on the back. It is a perfect way to recognize pillars of the organization.

Globe Circle Award

Featuring a concaved globe on the reverse side, the Globe Circle Award is a fitting way to recognize the success of global initiative.

Globe Column Award

With an intricately detailed 3D Globe laser etched and positioned on top, the Globe Column Award is an excellent choice to express a world of appreciation.

Geodesic Award

With a concaved globe etched on the back and ample engraving space, this award is often used to recognize the excellence of business partners.

Globe Apex Award

The Globe Apex Award uses an elegant peak design to lift the crystal globe "to new heights". This award is a fitting choice to honor global excellence.

Globe Sail Award

Evoking a forward motion with its exquisite design, the Globe Sail Award honors the forward-thinkers and visionary leaders.

Crystal Globe Tower

The Globe Tower Award features a finely detailed crystal globe on top of a tapering crystal tower. It is symbolic of global vision and leadership.

Imperial Globe Tower

The Imperial Globe Tower Award offers an exclusive and impressive design. It is an ideal choice to recognize the superior or unusual accomplishments.