Boss's Day 2013 is on Wednesday, October 16.

Boss's Day is an occasion that allows employees to thank their managers for guidance, fair treatment and encouragement throughout the year. While it is not mandatory to give your boss a gift, a gesture of appreciation lets your workplace leader know that their hard work isn't overlooked. Treating your boss to lunch, chipping in for a gift card or whipping up a batch of homemade cookies are frequently used gift ideas. A personalized gift for Boss Day, however, one that is beautifully made and permanent, is a more personal way to let your boss know he or she is appreciated.

Etched crystal plaques and awards offer you a unique and elegant way to express your thanks. Your boss will proudly display the award for years to come, thanks to its fine craftsmanship and thoughtful engraving. This gift allows your boss to remember his or her moment of recognition long after Boss's Day has passed.

Boss Appreciation Day Gift

To honor the boss who always stands up for what's right, you can't go wrong with this Boss Appreciation Day Gift. The stunning design on this crystal circle plaque is sure to send a message of gratitude.
Circle Award 5" $79.99 $59.99
Circle Award 6.5" $89.99 $69.99
Circle Award 8" $99.99 $79.99

Happy Boss's Day Plaque

Celebrate your boss' fine leadership with this Happy Boss's Day gift plaque. Thank your boss for being a leader, a mentor and a guide who helps you and brings out your best.

Wedge Boss's Day Gift

An exceptional Bosses Day gift to an amazing leader! This Wedge Boss's Day Gift has a unique shape and brilliant shine. Personalize to thank your boss for being one of the great ones!

Flame Leadership Plaque

There's no better way to thank a passionate, driven boss than with this cleverly cut Flame Leadership Plaque. Give it to a great boss who makes all the difference. What an impressive National Bosses Day gift!

Star Supervisor Award Plaque

The Star Supervisor Award Plaque is an eye-catching award sure to send a strong message. This award recognizes outstanding supervisors who lead, inspire, encourage and innovate make all the difference.

Best Boss Award Plaque

The Best Boss Award Plaque has the look and shape of confidence. Reward your boss for leadership and encouragement with a truly gorgeous display piece. It's a good gift for National Bosses Day

Boss of the Year Award

Recognize the leader who rises to the top with this hefty Boss of the Year Award tower. It's the perfect way to recognize an amazing manager with both strength and a personal touch.

Thank You Gift for Boss

With appreciation on Boss's Day! This appreciation gift thanks great leaders for being the kind of boss people respect and admire, and for being the kind of person who makes the workplace a nicer place to be.

Wave Boss's Day Gift

Function meets beauty with this charming Wave Boss's Day Gift. Engrave it to send a special message to the fearless leader who keeps your office humming on all cylinders every day.

Star Boss Award

An impressive award honoring incredible bosses, this #1 Boss Award is presented to top leaders recognizing their exceptional leadership and outstanding achievements.

History & Facts about National Boss Day

  • National Boss's Day was started in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski registered the holiday to honor her father who was also her boss. She chose his birthday as the date.
  • National Boss's Day is celebrated on or near Oct. 16 each year.
  • National Boss's Day was backed by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner who officially proclaimed the day in 1962.
  • National Boss's Day has become an international celebration in recent years and now is observed in countries such as England, Australia and South Africa.
  • Hallmark did not sell Boss's Day cards until 1979.
  • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research indicates that about one in five full-time workers has some level of supervisory responsibility over other employees, and about 12 percent of all full-time workers are directly responsible for managing other employees.

Typical Boss's Day Gift Wording Ideas and Boss Award Messages

A personalized Boss's Day gift goes a long way to honor those at the helm for their leadership and dedication. The following is a list of boss day gift message options to express your heartfelt appreciation:

  • Thanks for being such a great boss! It is a pleasure to work for you and with you!
  • Your vision, inspiration and leadership make you an extraordinary boss. It's a privilege to work for you and with you!
  • Every successful team has someone terrific like you taking the lead. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement!
  • More than a boss, you have been a caring guide to me. I wish you a very happy Boss's Day!
  • Your dedication, passion and vision are really inspiring. Thank you for everything you do.
  • Your kindness and fairness are exemplary. I am a very lucky employee! Happy Boss's Day!
  • Your passion, fairness and creativity set the standard. Thank you for being our driving force!
  • You keep our team together and inspire future success. Happy Boss's Day to our fearless leader!
  • A guiding light, a shining example, a brave leader. No matter what words you use, it all adds up to you! Happy Boss's Day!
  • When the going gets tough and we need a new reason to persevere, we instinctively turn to you. Thank you for seeing us through thick and thin.
  • Some people see the future in black and white; some see it in dazzling Technicolor! Your vision has motivated and inspired us all… Happy Boss's Day!