Octagon Safety Recognition Plaque

Safety recognition is a vital component of any effective workplace safety management program. This crystal award recognizes safety champions for their safety vision, commitment and involvement.

Safety Star Award Plaque

Accented by the cerulean star on top, the Safety Star Award Plaque recognizes team members for their outstanding safety programs and safety records.

Safe Driving Award Plaque

The driver safety award program recognizes those safety drivers who deliver on safety every day. Such incentive programs reward and reinforce good driving behavior on the road.

Safety Achievement Award

This elegant Safety Award congratulates safety award winners for their focus on safety. It is presented to honor safety winners who achieve the highest level of safety performance records.

Star Safety Recognition Plaque

An impressive star award for safety excellence, this shining star crystal plaque is frequently picked as the grand prize at industry association's annual safety award convention or company's annual recognition dinner.

Safety Goal-Setter Plaque

Celebrating and recognizing safety successes are great ways to encourage workplace safety . This perpetual safety plaque offers a progressive recognizing for achieving milestone safety results.