Employee Recognition Award

Inspire continued excellence with the beautifully designed employee recognition award. The flame-shaped plaque is perfect for personalized inscription.

Employee of the Month Award

If you‘re in the market for an Employee of the Month Award that will reinforce great work and inspire more, look no further! This piece is well-designed and made with the finest materials.

Employee Award of Excellence

The appeal of this sturdy and attractive piece is in its versatility. The Employee Award of Excellence can be personalized and adapted with ease to single out the high-flyers in your office.

Employee of the Month/Year Award

Reward the dedicated worker that truly stands out with our Employee of the Month Award. This piece features a classic design and ample engraving space and would work beautifully as an Employee of the Year Award too.

Employee Achievement Award

If you’re looking for a token to reward achievement, the stellar detail and gorgeous design of the Employee Achievement Award makes your gift decision an easy one!

Employee of the Month Award

Consider honoring your employee of the month with our cleverly designed, textured Employee of the month award. The three-dimensional piece is the perfect choice for employees who go above and beyond.
Victory Star Award 7" $119.99 $99.99
Victory Star Award 9" $139.99 $119.99
Victory Star Award 11" $149.99 $129.99

President/Chairman Award

Recognize your company president or chairman of the board with this gorgeous piece. Our President/Chairman Award can be used to commemorate any occasion.

Peak Award of Excellence

Unique in its design, the Peak Award of Excellence is a memorable way to show appreciation for an employee’s hard work. Make this piece as individual as the person it’s honoring with custom engraving.
Peak Award 8" $99.99
Peak Award 9" $119.99
Peak Award 10" $129.99

Rookie of the Year Award

Want to reward an employee with great promise? The Rookie of the Year Award is the perfect way to recognize a hard worker who’s starting on the right foot.

Rising Star Award

Is someone in your workplace really stepping up to the plate? If so, the Rising Star Award is a great way to recognize a stand-out employee.

Employee of the Year Award

Nothing says achievement like a crystalline monument. Our Employee of the Year Award can be personalized to honor any workplace superstar.